Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Wildlands: Ultimate Guide, Part 2

This Wildlands Ultimate Guide continues off from the part 1 guide and dives deeper into the game.


Know the Forces in game:

There are four different forces in Ghost Recons- Wildlands and having a good knowledge of their roles and area of influence will greatly help you in completing mission.

  • Ghost Forces: This is your force. It is comprised of you and your computer based teammates. You can find your current Ghost level by looking in the Faction States menu.
  • Rebel Forces (Allies): This is the only force in game that will function as your allies so it is absolutely vital for you to understand them. They are a group actively fighting the Santa Blanca Cartel to free Bolivia from them. You can gain their support by completing the Rebel Ops side-missions. They grant you the ability to call assistance from them, along with support skills. As you complete more Rebel Ops missions, these skills increase in their effectiveness. Rebel Forces offer you unique advantages such as calling for emergency drop, mortar shots, tagging enemies, and many other useful abilities.
  • Santa Blanca Cartel (Enemies): Lead by El Sueno, The Santa Blanca Cartel is a criminal organization working in Bolivia. They run narcotics business and produce huge amounts of cocaine in Bolivia. Initially, they will have control over a large area in Bolivia, and as you complete missions, you will destabilize them in those areas and cut their roots. You will have to eliminate Buchons (local cartels) in the process. Acquiring a Santa Blanca vehicle will greatly aid you in maintaining your stealth as you will remain undetected by all enemies while you use a Santa Blanca vehicle.
  • Unidad Forces (Enemies): Unidad Forces are probably the most vicious force in the game and you should try your best to stay away from them. The main reason being their ability to increase their Patrol Rank once you engage them. As the Patrol Rank increases, they will come at you in great numbers with heavy weaponry that you probably will not be able to cope with. So it is best to stay clear from the Unidad as much as you can.


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Bypassing Missions in Multiplayer:

Another trick that you have at your disposal while playing multiplayer with other players online, is the ability to skip main missions. As long as any of the players playing online have unlocked a mission or completed a mission, they can invite all other online players to play the mission even if the other players have not yet unlocked that particular mission. Upon successful completion, all participating players earn the rewards and XP for completing the mission. This gives you the ability to quickly progress in multiplayer mode, bypassing several bosses and ultimately reaching El Sueno, the final boss. This can be achieved with any number of online players and does not require a full squad. Players that have XP boosters can use them to earn yet additional XP from completing these missions.

A Word on XP Boosters:

These offer a boost on the XP that you earn on completing missions, for a certain limited time. Unfortunately they can’t be earned in the game or obtained free. You can get boosters either by pre-ordering the game, or by purchasing them from Ghost Recon – Wildlands store. The store can be accessed from within the game.



Prepare for Every Mission Accordingly:

Never rush into playing a mission without adequately preparing for it first. This includes your weapons collection and your character’s skills. Without suited weapons for the mission at the hand, you will find yourself in hot water, and in some cases it can be nearly impossible for you to complete the mission. Your weakness will be exploited by the enemies and you will end up being killed. Skills also play a vital role in your success in a mission. Some missions require a specific skill set, such as maintaining your stealth, in order to complete them successfully. Never dive in unprepared into a mission. This becomes even more important if you are playing at higher difficulty levels. Such levels demand a perfect combo of weapons and skills for completion of the mission.

NEVER Ignore Supplies:

Skills are of paramount importance and to regularly upgrade skills, you constantly need supplies. As you progress and upgrade your skills, higher level skills demand more and more supplies. Thus make sure you never ignore or forget supplies that you find anywhere. A good practice in this regard would be to complete some of the side missions that will award you a huge sum of one particular type of resource and it you will easily upgrade the skills which require that resource. If you do not do this, at some point you may find yourself stuck in the game because some of the later level skills are very crucial, and without them, you stand no chance of defeating your enemies.


Approaching Enemy Bases:

Always avoid walking straight into enemy bases that have a high concentration of enemy troops, because they will immediately become aware of your presence and it is very likely you will never even get a chance to escape. Maintaining your stealth is a key point in this mission. Where there are a large number of troops, try not getting into their direct line of sight, and while approaching enemy bases, pay particular attention to turret guns and snipers that may be in positions on high points nearby. They can be absolutely fatal for you. This also holds true if you are travelling by a Helicopter or other such vehicle. In most cases, you will be instantly detected by enemy radars, and your helicopter will be blown into pieces by their missile launchers. The best approach to enter enemy bases is to use the same faction of vehicle that the enemy base has. This ensures your undetected entrance into enemy’s base. If you are unable to find such a vehicle, leave your vehicle at a distance from the base and try entering while keeping a very low profile.

Interrogating Enemies:

When you want to interrogate enemies or talk to a civilian to acquire information, always make sure that you do so in cover and that there are no enemy units nearby. Once you engage in conversation or interrogation, you will temporarily lose control of your character until the dialogue exchange ends. If you are sighted by enemies during conversation/interrogation, there are very high chances that you and your prospect source of information will be killed. This can be very annoying at times when you have grabbed a key enemy for interrogation and end up without acquiring any information from him. Although you can stop the dialogue exchange in the middle, still you will see that if you are sighted by enemy in the meanwhile, most of the time at least one of you two will be killed by enemy shots. If you lose a key enemy figure during interrogation, you will fail the mission. Also remember never to use such enemies as human shields because your enemies will not hesitate to shoot them down in order to get to you. To cut it short, always make sure you are in cover, and that there are no enemy troops nearby, before you engage in interrogation/conversation.



Avoid Messing with the Unidad:

The Unidad soldiers are a particular faction of soldiers in the country that will engage in battle with you if you are sighted, or if you provoke them with gunfire. The more you fight them, the more their patrol rank will increase. This means that as you kill more and more Unidad soldiers, they will keep coming back with heavier guns and stronger reinforcements, making it more and more difficult for you to handle them. Try your best not to engage in battle with Unidad, particularly when you are trying to complete missions and side-missions. They can really make things nasty for you in very little time. In most instances, you won’t even get a chance to escape. The Unidad can tend to be very unforgiving, as at Patrol Rank 3 or 4, you will find them calling for mortar shots at your position, making you regret the choice of messing with them in the first place.

Utilize Your Teammates:

Your teammates, whether human or computer controlled, can be of enormous help to you during gameplay. They assist you and provide cover while you are trying to achieve mission objectives, or taking down enemies. While it is true that human teammates are naturally superior to computer controlled ones; nonetheless, computer controlled teammates can provide you vital assistance under certain circumstances. For instance, if you get shot down during a battle, your computer teammate can come to your position and revive you. This can be done only once, and you have to be in a close range of at least one of your teammates for them to get to your position and revive you. If you are shot down again, you will be respawned to the checkpoint you were at, before engaging in battle. It is a good idea to have some teammates nearby if you feel there is a possibility of engaging in battle, since they can revive you once if you are shot down. Paying attention to this can make the whole difference between completing a mission successfully, and having to start over the whole scenario again. Your teammates are also very helpful during on-road battle engagements. They possess a perfect aim, unaffected by the movement of the vehicle. This ability of your teammates comes very handy when you are trying to escape enemies. Make sure though to take the driving seat yourself because that way you can go in any direction you want. If your computer teammates take the driving seat, not only will you be deprived of their great aiming abilities, but they may also take you in a different direction than you intended to go in.

Unlock the Sync Shot Ability ASAP:

It is one of my personal favorites, and perhaps one of the most important abilities that you can find in this game, the Sync Shot ability lets you precisely instruct your teammates, as to which particular enemy troops you want to be targeted and taken down by your teammates. You need to unlock this ability with your skill points and the ability can be upgraded to increase the number of targets that you can assign to your teammates to be taken down. It enables you to take down multiple enemies at once. You use your drone to mark different enemies that will be targeted by your teammates as soon as you open fire. This ability greatly helps you in maintaining your stealth while attacking enemy bases and check points. It is also great for assault operations. It is one of the abilities you will be using most frequently, so be sure to unlock it as soon as you can and constantly upgrade it using your skill points.

Maintain a Low Profile:

Although Ghost Recons – Wildlands is slightly forgiving than its predecessors in that it does not strictly require to maintain your character’s stealth during gameplay; however, playing rough and blowing your cover can often put you into difficult situations, and at times, unresolvable situations. Keeping a low profile ensures a smooth game play and you can achieve almost all of your mission objectives with comparative ease. If you have been spotted by enemy troops and you do not succeed in killing them, they will call for reinforcements, making things more difficult for you to handle. On the contrary, if you make sure that enemies stay unaware of your presence, you can greatly reduce enemy numbers by stealthily taking them out, and in turn make it much easier for you to achieve your mission objectives.



Look for Weapon Cases:

Weapon cases are hidden throughout the map in Ghost Recon – Wildlands. Once you discover a weapon case, it will unlock a new weapon for you to add to you weapons inventory. You need to find these weapon cases in order to increase your weapons collection. Unfortunately, in the beta version, there are only a specific number of weapons which can be unlocked by finding their weapon cases. The final release, however, will feature a large number of weapons that can be unlocked in this manner. If you find yourself stuck in any mission or side-mission, take some time and try finding these extra weapons. This will benefit you greatly and you will notice how you can employ different approaches towards a mission if you have different types of weapons available to you.


  • Updated January 19, 2018
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