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Released in 2005, the Xbox 360 pushed the limits of what a gaming console could do. Not only was this next-gen console fantastic for gaming, it also acted as an entertainment hub, bringing together families who would not normally use a console. The gaming side of the Xbox 360 got a much-needed upgrade compared to its predecessor, giving players realistic graphics, better sound, improved online functionality, and downloadable games. Everything about the Xbox 360 was built for its fans, ushering in one of the most exciting generations of gaming since the rise of 3D graphics.

Sports games have always been one of the most popular genres given their large, real-world audiences. Most gamers already understand the rules of the sport, making these titles easy to pick up and play. Over the last couple generations, sports games have become increasingly realistic, exciting, and innovative, putting players directly into the action. The Xbox 360 had no shortage of great sports titles either, with fantastic support from seasoned sports title developers at EA. Besides the yearly installations of EA sports titles, the Xbox 360 received some new and innovative games like Skate, which gave players a fun, new return to the skating genre.

FIFA Soccer 10

EA is known for releasing quality sports titles and FIFA Soccer 10 is probably one of the best examples. Everything in this title is an improvement upon its predecessors, creating one of the most realistic soccer games to date. For starters, the AI has gotten a massive overhaul since previous entries, making opponents more formidable and teammates helpful. Controls have also been improved with tighter movements.

Overall, FIFA Soccer 10 is a massive quality of life upgrade to previous entries into the series, bringing the action closer to the player than ever before.

NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12 is a basketball game made for basketball fans. Everything has been completely overhauled to recreate the action and excitement of the NBA on your Xbox 360. NBA all-star players from years past have also joined in on the fun, with appearances from Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and 12 others.

If existing players don’t do it for you, NBA 2K12 features the My Play mode which allows players to create their own all-star player and participate in a true NBA career. For fans of basketball, NBA 2K12 is easily the best homage to the sport, providing players with an almost endless amount of ways to play.

Madden NFL 08

Madden NFL is back for another run, this time during the 2007 season for even more action. Madden NFL 08 introduces a brand-new feature called “Read and React”, which allows players to look for strengths and weaknesses in the other team before each play. “Fantasy Challenge” mode is also a brand-new feature to the series, allowing players to create their “dream team” and reach the Superbowl.

Every other aspect of Madden has been improved to heighten the realism of the game and give players a better experience with this title. Madden NFL 08 is really a game built by fans, for fans.

Fight Night Round 4

The fourth entry in the critically acclaimed boxing series, Fight Night is sure to bring the glory of boxing to players’ living rooms. With up to 48 different licensed boxers across the history of the sport, there is no shortage of exciting matchups. Players can choose a fighter, or create their own, and fight through an entire career.

Fight Night Round 4 is easily one of the most realistic and exciting boxing simulators to date, giving players the action without needing to pay the pay-per-view fee. Relive historic matchups, or create your own, the options are virtually limitless.


Skate is what happens when you mix open-world games and Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Skate distances itself from skating titles of the past however by allowing skaters to control their tricks by using the analog sticks rather than various button input combos.

By exploring the vast world of the game, players can pull off tricks to gain notoriety and rise from a rookie skater to a sponsored veteran. There is an online mode featured as well that allows players to face off against other players in online competitions. The opportunities in Skate are almost endless, with plenty to explore, do, and secrets to find.

NHL 09

Another updated EA title, NHL 09 adds some much-needed features to this awesome hockey series. One of these new features is the “Be a Pro” mode, which allows gamers to create their own player and play through an entire career. The “Skill Stick” also makes a return, giving players full control of their hockey sticks. Finally, NHL 09 has introduced teams from Russia, Germany, and the Czech Republic, adding an international presence to an already awesome title.

NHL 09 is the game to have for hockey fans, and makes full use of the Xbox 360’s upgraded hardware to provide a realistic experience for fans.

UFC Undisputed 3

UFC Undisputed 3 brings the excitement of MMA to your living room without needing pay-per-view. There are plenty of new features in this entry to set this title apart from its predecessors. Included in UFC Undisputed 3 for the first time ever, “Pride Mode” introduces submissions and different ways to finish matches.

“Pride Grand Prix” adds the previous changes to a career, and damage taken from previous fights can carry over to the next. There are plenty of new stats added as well, taking the realism of UFC Undisputed 3 to an entirely new level. UFC Undisputed 3 is the perfect game for MMA fans and a must play on the Xbox 360.

  • Updated September 18, 2020