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After the release of the original Xbox, fans wanted more. With the last generation coming to a close, Microsoft needed to deliver, and deliver they did. The Xbox 360 was everything gamers wanted and more, giving players a truly next-gen experience. There were plenty of new features that players had been pining for such as updated online play, downloadable games, better graphics, and even more immersive sound. The Xbox 360 was truly a console for gamers, but it also acted as a home entertainment device giving players the option to stream movies, video, and TV straight from their console.

The Xbox 360 is a console whose main audience is Americans, so of course the platform has a large library of fun and memorable shooters. The Xbox 360 housed the golden age of shooters by not only giving players fun new games, but extremely exciting online experiences that gamers still remember fondly to this day. From narrative-driven shooters to fun and quick multiplayer shooters, the Xbox 360 had it all. The Xbox 360 was unquestionably the console to have if you were a fan of the shooter genre. Not only was the console great but the controls for shooters were flawless with one of the best controllers ever made.


One of the best narrative-driven shooters of all time, Bioshock drops players into a nearly fatal plane crash where all that stands between them and an icy death is a lone lighthouse. This lighthouse leads players to the mysterious world of Rapture, an underwater ‘utopia’ built by a fanatic, religious entrepreneur. This new world may have been a utopia once upon a time, but now it is filled with deadly, mutated humans that are out for blood.

Along this brutally difficult journey, players will question the world around them, unlock their own set of mutations, and take part in a journey that exists within the character as much as it does outside.

Gears of War

Possibly featuring one of the most badass characters of the generation, Gears of War mixes survival horror and exciting and brutal combat beautifully. Gears of War takes place in a future dominated by the Locust Horde, which are brutal, gun-wielding monsters that destroy everything in their path. Players take control of Marcus Fenix who is next in line to face this new threat with giant guns and chainsaw bayonets.

Gears of War’s gameplay takes the form of a third person shooter where players will frequently take cover in order to avoid enemies and fire back at on-coming hordes. This title spawned a fantastic franchise of increasingly awesome titles with fantastic stories that will keep players invested for hours on end.

Dead Space 2

Get ready to take control of Isaac Clark once again to take down some necromorphs and get scared silly. This title takes place on the Sprawl, a city floating in space, where Isaac must, once again, face intergalactic threats in dark and dank hallways. However, Isaac’s loadout has been improved, giving players the ability to take down enemies more efficiently.

Players will learn more about Isaac as well, gaining insights into this mysterious spaceman they have followed for 2 games at this point. Dead Space 2 is an amazingly frightening adventure that easily tops the first game.

Portal 2

Valve’s awesome puzzle shooter is back for another run, and manages to top the first title with ease. In Portal 2, players will once again control Chell in another run through Aperture Labs, but it has been a terribly long time since the events of the first game. Chell has been asleep since the events of the first title, and Aperture labs has become a dilapidated mess in that time. But GLaDOS still inhabits the lab and has been patiently awaiting Chell’s awakening.

Puzzles are more difficult than before with plenty of new mechanics as players explore unseen parts of Aperture. The history of Aperture Labs unfolds as players explore with their new comical robot, Wheatley. Portal 2 is an awesome sequel to an already amazing game that gives fans what they have been asking for and more.

Halo 3

Another chapter in the fantastic Halo franchise, and Master Chief is back for even more action. In Halo 3, Master Chief returns to a covenant-controlled Earth and must liberate its inhabitants. Master Chief is accompanied by the remaining UNSC soldiers and even the Arbiter. The gameplay itself is similar to previous entries aside from the support weapons.

Many players are excited for a new entry to the Halo story, but we all know that a lot of people have been patiently awaiting a new online Halo experience. Halo 3 delivers as well, providing players with much of the same gameplay, but with updated maps, guns, and objectives, giving gamers an exciting new multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The fourth entry into the Call of Duty franchise moves away from the familiar World War II setting for a more modern experience. In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, players will play as either the SAS or the Marines for exciting, modern battles with terrorists and plenty of new weapons to keep players satisfied.

Most Call of Duty fans are here for the multiplayer, and it delivers in bringing players a fantastic, and brutal, experience in modern warfare. Not only are the weapons and gameplay elements overhauled, but the communications have been improved giving players some exciting, next-gen memories that are a real treat.

Max Payne 3

For the final entry into the beloved Max Payne franchise, Rockstar took it upon themselves to provide everything that made the original two games fun with new twists to keep the game exciting and modern.

Eight years after Max Payne 2, Max is looking worse than ever due to the psychological effects of his previous exploits. After being approached by his old friend, Raul, who suggests he takes an executive security job in Brazil. Max soon realizes he’s back to his old self when things go south. Just by story alone, it is obvious that Rockstar knew this series inside and out. The gameplay adds to this, making Max Payne one of the most innovative and exciting shooters on the Xbox 360.

Red Faction: Guerilla

50 years since the last installment took place, Red Faction: Guerilla takes players back to the Red Planet for more resistance fighting. In this entry, the EDF has become increasingly bold, kidnapping and torturing workers in exceedingly brutal fashion. It is now the player’s job to defeat this evil regime through awesome third-person, open-world fashion.

Players must traverse the large map in order to destroy EDF installations and weaken their grip on Mars. The combat and exploration are extremely exciting, giving players plenty to do in this awesome title. Red Faction: Guerilla is easily one of the best third-person shooters on the Xbox 360 and a must play for fans of good old fashion explosions and destructible environments.

  • Updated September 4, 2020