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Released to global audiences in 2005, the Xbox 360 was the follow up console to the massively successful Xbox. This new console boasted the most realistic graphics and sound, all while connecting players like never before. Xbox Live received a huge upgrade, allowing for more communication between players. Fans could now download their favorite games from the Xbox Live Arcade directly to their console as well, making buying and playing new games easier than ever. The Xbox 360 cemented many features as mainstays in the console gaming world, giving players the ultimate multimedia device for their homes.

Driving games have been a part of gaming since players could first experience games on a screen. Being able to drive however you want, in whatever you want, without the limits of physics or the law have always been an appeal to the genre. The Xbox 360 had no shortage of physics-defying, white-knuckle racers either. Many of the series that paved their way on consoles like the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PlayStation released follow-ups that blew their predecessors out of the water. Titles like Forza Motorsport 3, Burnout Revenge, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit gave players plenty of mind-bendingly fast cars to race and wreck at their leisure.

Forza Motorsport 3

This entry into the series has taken the realistic, high-speed action of the first two and cranked it up to the max. Forza Motorsport 3 boasts a whopping 400 cars to choose from. From muscle cars to European racers, this title has it all.

Detail is what Forza excels at, bringing over 100 different tracks, each being recognizable locations. Not only are the tracks incredibly detailed, but the gameplay itself is full of realistic quirks, such as unique handling for each car. Forza Motorsport 3 is, by far, the most realistic racing title on the Xbox 360, and a perfect title for fans of the racing simulation genre.

Trials Evolution

The 2D stunt series is back for a whole new generation of gamers. In Trials Evolution, multiplayer becomes the central feature. Players could now make their own crazy tracks and share them with their friends. Players can also beat friends’ times online to boast their stunt and cycling abilities.

The tracks bundled with the game are better than ever before, giving players realistic environments and the possibility for crazier stunts. Couch play was also added to the series, allowing players to team up or face off in the same room. Trials Evolution is an amazing successor to this exciting series, and one of the Xbox 360’s best.

Burnout Revenge

Originally released on the classic Xbox, Burnout Revenge can once again grace players’ screens. Xbox 360 gamers can now experience blazing through rush-hour traffic and vehicular combat in HD. There are no rules in this racing game, allowing players to knock other racers off the course in order to reach the finish line first.

There are plenty of ways to play such as Elimination which is a last-man standing race, or Road Rage where carnage is the name of the game. Burnout Revenge gives players the chance to get out all of their road rage in the virtual world, and a must-play for players who don’t mind roughing up some other cars.

Project Gotham Racing 3

Another entry into the fantastic Project Gotham Racing series, the third iteration amps things up for this new console generation. With up to eighty cars to choose from, made by the most recognizable manufacturers from around the world, there are plenty of different ways to play. Project Gotham Racing 3 allows players to race within Vegas, New York City, London, and Tokyo, with plenty of tracks within each.

The game itself plays and looks a lot smoother than its predecessors, using the Xbox 360 to its max. A multiplayer mode was also included so players can now face off in online races. Project Gotham Racing 3 really showed what the Xbox 360 was capable of, and is a must-have for the console.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is yet another entry in the long-standing and critically acclaimed racing series, but with plenty of new additions and twists to make the game feel fresh. Players can play as either the cops or a racer, each with their own set of missions and exotic cars, to race in high-speed chases that never get old.

The physics and visuals got a heavy upgrade, making each turn or collision feel like the real thing. A new feature in this title is the Autolog, which connects racers from around the world for online races and chases. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is easily one of the best racing games to come out within the last decade.


GRID is all about making money while racing. Players assume the role of a freelance racer, looking for work around the world in some of the most famous circuits in the sport. As the game progresses, your character will eventually earn enough capital from races to begin their own team with a slew of sponsors.

A major feature in this title is the Flashback, which allows players to rewind a few seconds to correct mistakes or optimize their performance during a race. There are plenty of real-world race cars and tracks to choose from, with an almost unlimited replay value.

F1 2010

F1’s foray onto the Xbox 360 was certainly something of note. Based on the 2010 F1 season, F1 2010 transfers the real-world sport perfectly to the Xbox 360, bringing all of the speed and action F1 is known for. The racing mechanics are as realistic as the Xbox 360 can handle, offering the most dynamic weather system a game has ever seen and directly affecting the gameplay.

Players will also be able to upgrade their car as the game progresses, letting gamers develop their ideal racing machine. F1 2010 is easily one of the most immersive and realistic racing titles that the Xbox 360 ever saw, and a must-play for fans of the sport.

DiRT 2

DiRT 2 is all about off-road racing. Players must take the show on the road to complete some of the most challenging off-road courses known to the sport. Using an RV as their headquarters, players will visit Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America to become the fastest racer in the world.

High-skill maneuvers are possible in this title as well thanks to the updated physics engine. There are plenty of modes included in DiRT 2, offering new ways to experience the exciting action. DiRT 2 is the perfect homage to the sport of rally-cross, and a showcase to what the Xbox 360 is capable of.


Disney has brought the excitement of quad racing to the Xbox 360, with plenty of tricks to keep players satisfied. There are a ton of real-world quad tracks to experience frantic races with up to 16 racers at one time. In order to get the best time possible in a race, players must pull off exceedingly awesome tricks for speed boosts.

The people behind this game know quad racing like the back of their hand, providing key insights to make a more realistic and fleshed-out game. Pure is easily one of the best quad racing games ever made, providing plenty of content for newcomers and fans of the sport alike.

Forza Horizon

Set during the fictitious Horizon street racing festival, Forza Horizon puts a heavier emphasis on pulling off tricks rather than just racing. This title is a great entry point for casual players, providing a more laid-back, street racing experience rather than the professional race tracks from the Forza Motorsport series.

Players must gain popularity by racing in various events to unlock even more races and vehicles. There are secrets hidden within each race, which players can find to unlock classic vehicles to take to the streets. Forza Horizon provides the perfect casual racing experience for players looking for some laid-back, high speed fun.

  • Updated September 4, 2020