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The Sega Genesis was home to some of the most iconic games of its era. But one genre that did not see many titles was motorcycle racing. While there were only a few releases in the genre for the Genesis, every one of these titles were of fantastic quality. Players could experience realistic motorcycle racing action in all its 16-bit glory for the first time. Titles like Road Rash and Super Han-On provided different takes on the formula, and plenty of content to keep fans addicted for hours.

Road Rash

Originally an arcade game, Road Rash is an awesome motorcycle racing game that combines plenty of action with exciting, and easy to pick up mechanics. For being a classic title, the mechanics go pretty deep. There are five tracks in this title, each based on a different, iconic California location. The player must land in the top three of the fifteen racers in order to win anything. Placing high in each race provides the player with a cash bonus, which goes towards upgrading gear between each race.

An iconic feature of this title is vehicular combat. Not only do players have to reach top speeds on their bike to win, but they must avoid punches and bats being swung at them as they pass each racer. The player is able to steal some of these weapons for use against opponents as well. Players can also be thrown from their bike by hitting an obstacle or running out of stamina. In these cases, players will need to sprint back to their bike to continue the race.

Road Rash is a fantastic racing game that is wonderful for beginners but has plenty of deep mechanics to engage long-time fans.

Super Hang-On

Another arcade classic, Super Hang-On provides beautiful graphics mixed with fast-paced and exciting gameplay. The Sega Genesis version of this title actually adds more content on top of the already fantastic arcade variant. This version adds the "Original Mode" that allows players to recruit sponsors and spend the cash they make on enhanced additions for their bike.

Players are able to boost through all 48 of the stages, reaching a top speed of 280 km/h. The racing itself feels very fluid, making speeding through Asia, America, Europe, and Africa a blast to play. You can knock yourself off your bike when you hit an obstacle, but getting back on the road is pretty quick.

Overall, Super Hang-On is a thrilling bike racing title with easy to pick up mechanics that progresses into exciting and difficult stages. This title will make players feel like they are becoming more skillful with the nice progression in difficulty.

Road Rash II

After the success of the Genesis port of Road Rash, EA released a Sega Genesis sequel that brought back exciting vehicular combat at neck-breaking speeds. While maintaining the main mechanics of the original, Road Rash II adds some features that make the console experience better.

The main addition to the series that excited fans upon release was the two-player mode. Players could now engage in split-screen combat with a friend using a variety of weapons. The weapon types have been upgraded for this entry as well, providing chain whips as a new addition. This entry is the most highly praised in the series because it is a new game for the Sega Genesis instead of being a port. There are five different levels that players can race through, each differing in length and difficulty.

Road Rash II is definitely an upgrade to the original, providing some of the most exciting racing action seen on the Sega Genesis. 

Kawasaki Superbike Challenge

Kawasaki Superbike Challenge is an exciting and fast-paced motorcycle racer that provides players with plenty of realistic action. Developed by the people behind the F1 series of games for the Genesis, this title strives for a faithful simulation of motorcycle racing. 

This game has some notable features that were way ahead of its time. One carry-over from the F1 series is the turbo mode. Players can fly through courses at insane speeds at the expense of some detail on the biker and objects around the track. Players can also change the weather for their race, making a difference when it comes to traction and visuals. This title received a Game Gear port as well that received terrific reviews.

Kawasaki Superbike Challenge is an excellent game that provides the most fundamental racing experience on the Genesis. If you are looking for an impressive pick-up and play kind of game, this is the title for you.

Road Rash 3

The final entry in the Road Rash series for the Genesis, Road Rash 3 provides an even more substantial amount of content than the first two titles. This entry is easily the most comprehensive in the series, building upon the already amazing features that players know and love.

The various different locations that players will race through have been updated for this entry, giving players the choice to race through Australia, Kenya, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Germany, and the UK. In each of these locations, players can use an upgraded arsenal of weapons against opposing racers. Now players are able to pick up nunchucks, pepper spray, cattle prods, and oil cans and toss them at enemies. The stamina bar still works similarly in this title, so avoid fights when possible. The upgrade and reward system is also the same as the last two titles, with more parts to add to your bike.

For being the last entry into this series, this title is sure to finish things off on a high note. Road Rash 3 is a fantastic title with loads of excellent content.

  • Updated September 4, 2020