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The PSP was Sony’s first attempt at bringing the fun of a home console to the handheld market. Being the only competitor of the Nintendo DS, the PSP needed, and delivered, a strong library of awesome games that could even compete with some home consoles. Fitting such an amazing amount of content into such a small package was a major selling point for the PSP, leading to its massive success as a handheld. The PlayStation Portable also functioned as an MP3 player, had full internet functionality, and could connect with the PS3. The PSP was one of the best handheld consoles ever made, leaving a lasting impression on players around the world.

Sports games have always been among the most popular of genres. Every generation, sports games have been able to put players closer to the action, with ever more realistic gameplay and graphics. They are some of the easiest titles for casual gamers to get a hit of some of their favorite sports during the off-season and from home too. The PSP was home to many great sports games, including fan-favorites like Everybody’s Golf. Now players could take their favorite sports on the go and play with friends online. Franchises that have been the top of their respective sport for years also released titles on the PSP, such as FIFA Soccer 09.

Everybody’s Golf 2

Revived from the original PlayStation, Everybody’s Golf is back in an even smaller package, but that does not mean any less content. Golf is finally on the PSP with plenty of features to keep pros engaged and help casual fans learn how to play. This game is also built to be played on the go. Cannot finish a hole at home? Take it with you and play it on the train or bus!

There are also plenty of modes to practice strokes, complete challenges, or go for the long-haul and complete courses. Players will also be able to customize their characters with plenty of options to fit everyone. This game really is golf for everybody.

Virtua Tennis: World Tour

In this title, play against the pros of tennis anywhere in the world. Virtua Tennis strives to pack as much realistic action as possible into a handheld system. There are four different court types that players can duke it out on, which will affect how pros and casuals play.

There are six different game modes too that allows players to change how they play. These include World Tour, Quick Match, Ball Games, Tournament, Exhibition, and Multiplayer. With World Tour players can play through a whole tournament, trying to capture a win. This game is packed full of content that will have tennis fans addicted to their little screen.

FIFA Soccer 09

EA has taken FIFA to a new level for this handheld title by completely overhauling the game engine to better suit it for the PSP – allowing for greater realism, gameplay, and responsiveness. EA has also expanded the new Be a Pro mode with the revived Be a Pro: Seasons. In this mode, players can take their soccer pro to the next level by following them through four years of soccer to help them become a legend in the sport.

FIFA Soccer 09 also includes plenty of licensed clubs and leagues for players to play as and compete against. Choose an all-star team to take the championship in this awesome soccer title.

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Remix

It is only expected that one of the best skating games ever made would eventually make its way to the handheld market. This title is a remix and a homage to every Tony Hawk game that has come before it. In Underground 2 Remix, players will take a more mission-based approach to the awesome board flipping and sick trick action.

In the main game mode, players will take on another team of skaters in brutal competition through multiple levels. For fans of more casual action, players can skate around 15 different levels and graffiti each level in awesome Jet Set Radio style.

MLB 06: The Show

The greatest baseball simulator in the world is back for the handheld market. Now players can take one of the most realistic baseball games in the world anywhere they want. This title shows off an awesome career mode in which players can take their team from a small ragtag bunch to winning the World Series. There is also a season mode in which players can only play through one season with a team of their choice and try to beat every other team out of the league. MLB 06: The Show also introduces the Historical Greats mode in which players can play as some of the most beloved players to ever hit the world of baseball. This is one of the best baseball games for fans of the sport.

WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2006

Get ready to duke it out as one of many pro wrestlers in WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006! Players will be able to play as their favorite classic fighters anywhere they want with this awesome handheld wrestling game.

WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2006 has a brand-new game engine, creating more realism and better visuals for players. This game uses a momentum system to enhance the fighting, allowing players more depth when taking down difficult opponents. There are 100 different match types to choose from, meaning that players will never run out of amazing content to play with. This is a great title for fans of the WWE, new or old.

Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007

Pro Evolution Soccer has always been one of the best soccer simulators for the sport out there. Konami has made players feel like club managers for years, and now players can take this awesome gameplay on the go. This title has tweaked some features in order to give players more control over their players, on and off the field. The shooting mechanic has been reworked in order to let players make more accurate shots.

Players will also be more reactive to what is going on the field, giving more depth and realism to the already amazing game. This is a perfect soccer simulator that players can now take anywhere they want, and a definite must-play for fans of the sport.

  • Updated September 18, 2020