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The PlayStation Portable, released in 2005, was Sony’s first foray into the handheld gaming market. With this new system, Sony brought players some of the most exciting and fun titles that could even compete with Nintendo’s massively successful DS. Players could now take remasters and ports of some of their favorite Sony games on the go with a beautiful screen and ergonomic design. The PSP also worked as a media player and an internet browser since it featured full wireless connectivity, something not widespread at the time, even on the PlayStation 2. This handheld console was one of the best to have ever landed in gamers’ hands and has left a lasting impression on the gaming world today.

Shoot ‘em ups have always been some of the most exciting games to play, with brand new innovation with every title. From the early arcade days when Space Invaders was the peak of the genre to now, where players can battle hordes of realistic zombies on home consoles, the genre has come a long way. Taking on legions of enemies with powered up weapons has never been so much fun. Graphics have improved, enemy AI is more responsive, and the weapons at the player’s disposal are more spectacular and powerful than ever. The PSP had some of the greatest shoot ‘em ups that the handheld market had ever seen, with games such as Metal Slug, Gradius and Space Invaders Extreme.

Space Invaders Extreme

Since the 30th anniversary of the beloved arcade classic was in 2008, it was only a matter of time before an updated version was released on the systems of the era. Square Enix has taken charge of bringing this old title to the PlayStation Portable.

In Space Invaders Extreme, players will control the familiar cannon on the bottom of the screen while extremely fast and colorful waves of enemies make their way to the player. The gameplay has been updated to make this title more enjoyable in the modern generation by adding new modes, boss fights and online play.

Gradius Collection

Gradius is one of the best space-themed shoot ‘em ups to have ever reached the home console back in the ‘80’s, with new installments to the series adding new challenging gameplay elements and even more exciting power-ups. Players will now be able to play all of these classic games right on their handheld with the Gradius Collection which features five different Gradius titles stretching across three console generations.

The game is totally customizable depending on whether players enjoy the original look from the arcades or the freshened-up experience made for modern screens. Get ready for some difficult space-age shooting in this awesome collection of games.

Gravity Crash

Gravity Crash is an awesome mix of classic action with a modern twist to leave players engaged. Players will be able to explore multiple planets in space, all full of deep, dark caverns and difficult enemies that players must blast their way through in order to survive. Gravity also heavily impacts how each planet will play, affecting the maneuverability of the craft depending on which planet is being explored.

There is also an extra mode called Gold Grabber which amps up the difficulty and plays similarly to a mini-game. This is an awesome new take on the classic space age shoot ‘em ups that will leave players wanting more.

Metal Slug XX

Bringing back the classic Metal Slug action to the PSP, Metal Slug XX is full of awesome gun fights, beautiful pixel art, and challenging levels. This title is a revised version of the awesome Metal Slug 7 which came out not long before this release. This title includes a multiplayer mode as well allowing players to team up with a friend and blast their way through the story campaign as a co-op team.

Metal Slug XX is a great way to experience the challenging and fun action of the Metal Slug series on a portable console, giving players the same charm that has made this series so great to begin with.

Super Stardust Portable

Super Stardust Portable is an awesome port of the PlayStation Network classic Super Stardust HD. This title plays similarly to other space shoot ‘em ups in which the player traverses a world in which they must shoot difficult enemies that call this world home. Players are able to shoot from their craft independent of their movement, allowing for quick reactions to incoming enemies.

The levels are also spherical, allowing for players to loop around this large world, fighting enemies the whole time. There are many different planets to explore, and tons of awesome modes which change up the gameplay nicely giving this title some awesome replayability.

  • Updated September 4, 2020