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The PlayStation 3 was a major upgrade to the already hugely successful PlayStation 2. With this new generation of home consoles, the Sony boasted some of the cleanest looking titles to have ever hit the market at that time. The PS3 included a bunch of new features, which have since become standard. The discs used Sony’s Blu-Ray technology which enabled game developers to fit even more content into their games. The PlayStation Network was also introduced which allowed players to connect and communicate like never before. Players could also purchase digital versions of their favorite games instead of buying a disc, also enabling indie developers to sell games on the console.

Strategy games have always had a strong fanbase of players who are willing to sink hours upon hours into a game in order to achieve the best stats, team, and outcome. These titles were easy to port to the video gaming market since some of the most popular board games are strategy titles like Stratego or Risk. Video games have been able to up the ante and create some of the biggest worlds, fun mechanics, and difficult AI. The PlayStation 3 was home to great strategy games with revivals of old series, and brand-new franchises that have acquired giant fanbases.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

This beloved series of strategic alien destruction has finally ended its ten-year hiatus. Players must stop alien hordes from overrunning Earth by strategically placing elite combat units on the battlefield to prevent losses and stop the alien invasion in its tracks.

The game plays out on a battlefield in which the player and enemy AI must take turns in order to move their troops and fight enemies. Players will also be able to manage their troops at the “ant farm”, where players can train allies, recruit new units, and research new tech. This is an awesome turn-based strategy game with a lot of quirks and exciting gameplay.

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution

Sid Meier’s Civilization has been a long-standing and critically acclaimed series since the early days of PC gaming. Civilization is the kind of game where players can sink hours upon hours on a single match.

This iteration of Civilization plays similarly to the previous PC titles in which players will move units, research advances, and build up your cities during a turn. Players will start in 4000 B.C. and develop their empire all the way past the current age. Civilization is a fantastic game to fill your days and build a civilization that players will be proud of.

PixelJunk Monsters

In this tower-defense title, players must defend their hut of small critters from the oncoming invasion of hungry enemies. While this title has a simple artstyle, the strategy is pretty deep. From tower placement, to which class of tower the player should use, to how players should upgrade, there are plenty of different ways to defend homebase that will keep players entertained and engaged.

While the game gets increasingly difficult, the tone of the title stays the same in order to not overwhelm the player with loud music, crazy visuals, and difficult hordes of enemies. This title is an exciting and engaging adventure in a fun and quirky land.

Comet Crash

Comet Crash is a fun and exciting PlayStation Network tower defense game in which the player must take back a comet from enemy forces.

Instead of building units that automatically follow the main path that is common in titles of this genre, the player can create as many units as they want that will chill out in the homebase until the player moves their attacking force. This allows for a little more strategy since allies are completely controllable by the player. There are also alternate routes in the map that players can choose to strategically block off from enemy forces.

Swords & Soldiers

This title changes up the list a little bit with its awesome 2D real time strategy. There are three different factions to choose from, the Aztec, Vikings, and Imperial Chinese, all with their own campaign for players to experience. Each mission in every one of the game’s campaigns have a different playstyle, which changes up the game really nicely.

The gameplay boils down to creating allied forces to charge the enemy, but the objective will change after each mission. There are minigames and a multiplayer mode that can be unlocked as the player completes campaign missions. This is an awesome real-time title that players will easily fall in love with.

From Dust

This title has been called the spiritual successor to Populous, one of the most successful god games of all time. The player must manipulate the world in order to help their village with various different challenges. By helping these villagers, they will rediscover their lost knowledge and evolve into a much greater civilization. The player will also gain new abilities as they complete challenges and missions. The terrain will also change with time such as areas eroding or islands restructuring with the changing tide.

This an awesome and deep god game where there is plenty for the player to manipulate and explore.

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014

This title is a port of the awesome card game to the PlayStation 3. Players will be able to take on their friends or difficult AI with an awesome deck of their creation. This beloved card game is all about building decks, using resources (lands) wisely, and destroying your opponent. Each card has its own rarity and specific set of abilities which players can use on a turn-by-turn basis in order to crush the opponent’s fleet of cards before they get yours.

If you are a fan of strategy and fantasy card games like Gwent, then Magic: The Gathering is the perfect game for you.

Fat Princess

Fat Princess is an awesome twist on the classic capture-the-flag game. In this title, players will be in a 32-player battle royale match in which each team must capture the princess. The catch is, the princess has been stuffing her face with cake. The fatter the princess gets, the more teammates it will take in order to take her to your team’s side of the arena.

The game is set in a fun and goofy medieval world with a nice art style. This title has been called one of the best of the PlayStation Network titles and a must play for fans of fun party games.


This entry into the long-standing series of goofy tactical games became available in 2007 on the PlayStation Network. In this title, players will take control of worms who have a massive and explosive arsenal at their disposal.

During a turn a player may move and fire one of their weapons at other worms or at the extremely destructible environment. These weapons can include grenades, bazookas, nukes and sniper rifles. Players can team up online with friends or randoms, or play singleplayer to complete challenges. This is an awesome and goofy series of games and its PSN entry is a must-play.

Portal 2

This sequel to the massively successful, physics-based puzzle title is even bigger and better than the original. This new title starts with Chell waking back up in a dilapidated Aperture Laboratory long after the events of the first title. GLaDOS is still in the facility, seething over her near demise from the first title.

There are more puzzles with even crazier mechanics, portal jumps, and exciting new insights into the world of Portal and Half-Life. Even if you have not played the original, Portal 2 is a fantastic game if you are a fan of reality bending puzzles that force you to think outside the companion cube.

  • Updated September 4, 2020