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The PlayStation 3 was everything a gamer could want back in 2008. After the massive success of the PlayStation 2, Sony had to devise a system that was bigger, better, and even more fun for the players. Sony did exactly that with the PS3, boasting better processing power, higher quality sound, and an online community of players that people from around the world could communicate with, share content, and party up for some of their favorite games. The PlayStation 3 also introduced the PlayStation Network Store where indie games began to thrive in the home market. The PS3 was the perfect follow up to the success of the second PlayStation console.

Sports games have always been a main-stay in the gaming industry. It is easy to transfer rules from a real-life game to the TV and tweak it for even more exciting adventures for the player. Gamers are able to play their favorite sports while off-season and without having to put on their gear and find a field. The PlayStation 3 was no exception and featured many great sports titles. With upgraded processing power, players have never felt more in the action than with this console. Some of the best sports franchises released the best entries in long-running series on this console.

FIFA Soccer ‘10

FIFA ‘10 is, arguably, the best title in the entire EA franchise of titles. EA has revamped the Manager Mode for this title, fixing a lot of the common issues and allowing players to manage clubs like never before.

This entry also introduces the “Total Football Experience” - this feature allows the player to see news from around the soccer world as they play, keeping them in the loop of all the new trades and injuries in the league so they can make better decisions with their players. This really is the full-soccer experience for fans. Players will fall in love with the realism that EA has painstakingly included in this title.

MLB 10: The Show

If you are looking for a realism first baseball title, then MLB 10: The Show is the perfect game. This series of baseball simulators have been known for their dedication to making the game as realistic as possible and this entry has been held up as one of the best graphical achievements on the PlayStation 3.

This title has introduced the Catcher Mode, allowing players to play as their catcher which gives them the ability to call pitches as well. All of the other features from previous titles have also been brought back for another run, giving players hours upon hours of fun playing America’s game.

NBA 2K12

One of the best professional basketball sims to ever be released, NBA 2K12 is another homage to the greatness that is the NBA. Players will have a hard time differentiating between a live game on TV and NBA 2K with a lot of effort on the side of 2K to make this the most realistic basketball experience of its time.

This title also introduces the NBA’s Greatest mode which allows players to take control of some of the best players and teams to have ever graced basketball, all while keeping uniforms and visuals in the style of that era. This is a great title for fans of the NBA that has a nearly endless amount of content.

Fight Night Round 4

In this boxing game that revolves around realism, players will be able to relive some of the greatest fights of the past in all of its HD glory. Fight Night Round 4 strives to create the best boxing experience for fans of the sport.

In this title, EA has replaced the Career mode with Legacy mode which allows for more player customization of their fighter and what fights they take as they make their way to the top. Players will be able to take a picture of their face and upload it to their character to put themselves against some of the best boxers to have ever lived. This is an awesome homage to the sport of boxing and a tribute to its fans.

NHL ‘09

EA Canada has taken the success of their past iteration and improved it even more to create one of the best hockey games of the era. In this title, EA has balanced much of the gameplay to create a fair and exciting experience which includes the addition of the Defensive Skill Stick. This new mechanic is similar to that of the Skill Stick seen in previous iterations except, obviously, it's only for defense.

There were also two new modes introduced in this entry, Be a Pro and EA Sports Hockey League, which add much more depth and playtime to this awesome title. NHL ‘09 is the best ice hockey game of the generation and one of the best sports games for the PlayStation 3.

UFC Undisputed 3

Get ready to fight tooth and nail in this awesome UFC simulator. UFC has always been one of the most brutal sports, with punches, kicks, and holds that will have you unable to unglue your eyes from the screen.

In this title, many old features have been revamped to improve on the realism and gameplay. Submissions have been revamped in order to include more holds and chokes for the player to pull off. The animations have also all been motion captured in order to make the game look and feel like a real match of MMA. This is a great title for fans of the UFC or for players who just want to beat their opponent senseless.


This title almost feels like a return to the 90’s action of Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The goal of this game is similar to many other skating games that have come before it - pull off the sickest tricks in the park. Players must take their character from a newbie all the way to the cover of some of the biggest skating magazines ever to hit store shelves.

Skate places more of an emphasis on performing tricks with the analog sticks rather than button mashing, freshening up the skateboarding genre of games nicely. The world is also totally open to explore and run around in, be careful to not piss off an old lady though or you may get tazed.

Madden NFL ‘09

EA brought another iteration of the fantastic NFL series to the PlayStation 3 with even more content for fans to enjoy. EA has completely overhauled the visuals for this title compared to previous iterations, making the game as realistic as the hardware will allow. Weather effects have also been revamped to vastly change how each game plays out and players will come out covered in mud or snow after each play.

Players will, again, be able to take their team from the off-season, all the way to the Superbowl, or play a quick game of football in the quick match mode.

  • Updated September 18, 2020