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The PlayStation 3 came as an awesome upgrade to the massively successful PlayStation 2. Besides having upgraded sound and video capabilities, the PS3 also introduced the PlayStation Network which connected fans like never before. Now players could party up online and communicate unlike previous generations. The PS3 also introduced Blu-Ray as its media of choice, allowing for gamers to use their PlayStation 3 as a Blu-Ray player and increasing the amount of content each disc included. The PlayStation 3 was an amazing response to the insane success of the PlayStation 2 that boasted all types of new features which have now become standard.

Driving games are some of the most engaging and entertaining games on the market. No need to worry about paying to fix a dent or getting arrested for reckless driving in these simulators. Players can take their vehicles to the limit and that is exactly what developers for the PlayStation 3 planned on. This console boasted some of the most realistic and fun driving games that the market had seen. With all new and upgraded capabilities that came with this generation, players can now feel like they are actually behind the wheel of a souped-up supercar more than ever.

Wipeout HD Fury

Returning from the original PlayStation, players can now take their high-tech floating ships to a whole new level in this beautiful reimagining of the Wipeout series. Fly, fight, and crash your vehicles in high definition glory - there are plenty of awesome stages to speed though in this title.

The gameplay is similar to that of F-Zero with its high-tech racing, but one notable difference from F-Zero is the power-ups, which are similar to that of cart racers. Players can grab and use these power ups to speed past opponents or blow them up. This is an awesome title for fans of quirky, fast and crazy racing. Easily one of the best racing games in the PlayStation 3 library.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a long-running racing series exclusive to Sony consoles, has been updated for the PlayStation 3. Criterion Games has been brought in to revamp this series to add some much-needed freshness to a fun and exciting racing series. Return to high-speed racing as players try to escape the law all while still beating their opponents.

As well as driving every car you can imagine, players can also take control of police vehicles. In this mode, players can switch the roles around and set up roadblocks and jam car radios. This game is one of the most exciting racers on the PlayStation 3.

Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise makes a return for the PlayStation 3 with even more explosive crashes and action. Burnout Paradise is all about causing the most explosive and awesome crashes possible in order to gain victory.

This title is totally open world so players are able to crash anyone, anywhere in the game world. Along with high-speed races against CPUs, players are able to take the action online and challenge other players in even more exciting and challenging races. There are a few paid expansions available as well if players are craving even more action. This is an awesome title for fans of more action and less simulators in their racing games.


GRID is an awesome racing game which is much more a simulator than other games on this list. In this title, the player manages their own racing team in order to achieve victory. As players progress through races, they are able to earn money and rewards in order to further upgrade their vehicles.

This game also features ‘Flashback’ which allows players to rewind a mistake up to ten seconds before the current time. This feature is great for players who are still figuring out the mechanics or want to have a perfect run. This is a great racing simulator that fans will fall in love with.

DiRT 2

DiRT is an awesome racing series which drops the player in as a professional rally car driver. To further immerse the player in the world of rally car racing, the player is able to take an RV from race to race which allows them to compete in events off the track and act as their headquarters in the game.

Drivers do not compete head to head in rallies, which is different from most racing games. Instead, it is the player versus the clock. All the player needs to worry about is listening to directions and getting the best time possible. DiRT 2 is an awesome racing game and fun for players who have never seen rally car racing.

Joe Danger

Hello Games’ first release, Joe Danger is an awesome side-scrolling racing game. In this title, players play as the famous daredevil Joe Danger as he competes against the clock in wacky courses. Since this title is a PlayStation Network indie game, the gameplay is understandably short, but still exciting.

The player must race through ten different courses as Joe Danger in order to beat his sworn enemy, Team Nasty. Hello Games is an awesome developer which is committed to providing the best experience possible to the player. Joe Danger is a critically acclaimed indie title that deserves to be played by everyone.


MotorStorm is an awesome off-road racing title in which players take the craziest stunts in order to achieve greatness… or not. Players are able to take a number of different types of vehicles in order to jump amazing jumps, even if you do not stick the landing.

During races, players must face off against opponents while pulling off awesome tricks and boosting to the finish line. Different vehicles have different weaknesses as well, so choose wisely. All of the races take place in different parts of Monument Valley allowing for somewhat different racing experiences. This is an terrific action racer that players will quickly fall in love with.

Gran Turismo 5

The tenth entry in this long-standing and well-established series is definitely better than the last. Gran Turismo 5 introduces the option of sixteen player online races in which players from all over the world compete in challenging, head-to-head racing. Damage is a lot more visible in this title than ever before as well. There are also plenty of new tracks which allow for a new way to play every single race.

There are 1,089 different cars to choose from, which adds an amazing depth and variation to the gameplay. This is a stellar racing title which will engage players in a whole new way.


Split/Second takes everything awesome about Smash TV and turns it into a racing game. Players must race for glory and money as they pull off awesome tricks and pull off clean turns and overtakes. During events, players will experience massive explosions and changes to the environment which will change up the gameplay really nicely.

In this title, players can also take the challenge online against seven others to add a whole new level of difficulty. There are fifteen different tracks as well so there is plenty of content for everyone in this game. Split/Second is an awesome title which adds a fantastic new challenge to racing games.

F1 2010

F1 2010 is one of the most immersive racing titles to ever hit the PlayStation 3. In this game,  players will take on some of the most recognizable Formula 1 racers in some of the most challenging tracks to ever exist in a racing game.

The weather also changes up how the races will play out. Pooled water can cause a hazard and the longer the rain lasts, the less grip each car will have to the track. As players beat other racers, they will be able to unlock new parts in order to further speed up their car. This is easily one of the best racing simulators on the PlayStation 3.


Disney is back with another racing game for the PlayStation 3 which is even better than the last. Pure is a racing game in which the driver who pulls off the sickest tricks will most likely win. The bigger the trick, the bigger the boost, so plan tricks wisely and strategically so that you can boost through the finish line. The same trick also may not work twice so change it up as the race goes on.

Each race takes place in a photorealistic map from locations around the world that will immerse players in this high-speed 4-wheeler race. This is an awesome racing game for fans of something other than conventional racing.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Another title by the giant developer Rockstar is sure not to disappoint players. This title is a completely open-world racing game with a map as large as all of the other games in the series combined.

The game features a dynamic weather system which is a first for the series. Now the roads will become slick in the rain and have more grip in the sun. Throughout the day and night cycle, players will experience rush-hour traffic which will also affect racing. This title is also smoother than any other in the series with virtually no loading times at all. This is a great continuation of an amazing series.

  • Updated September 4, 2020