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The PlayStation 3 was a great update to an already amazing console. Released in 2008 after the long, eight year run of the PlayStation 2, the PS3 introduced many upgrades that have now become standard in the gaming industry. The PlayStation 3 introduced the PlayStation Network, an online service that allowed players to connect and socialize like never before. The PlayStation Network also introduced an online store in which players could purchase digital content such as indie games, downloadable content and big release titles. The discs also featured Blu-Ray technology allowing developers to fit way more data on each disc and create bigger and better games. This was an awesome successor to the PlayStation 2.

Platformers are some of the most easily accessible and beloved games to hit the gaming market. Some of the most recognizable names in gaming are platformers such as Mario, Sonic, and Ratchet & Clank. The PS3 was home to many great platformers that players have fond memories of. Since the PlayStation 3 allowed indie developers to distribute their games on the PlayStation Network platform, some of the most innovative platformers of recent years were released on the console. Titles like Braid and Super Meat Boy paved the way for other developers to release their wonderful works of art to the public.


In this atmospheric adventure by Thatgamecompany, players take control of a robed figure as they traverse a vast and open desert full of ruins. Players must take their character through multiple levels as they try to reach their final destination. The game does not spend too much time explaining the story, this title is all about the experience for the player.

Players must jump through and glide through levels as they interact with multiple ruined artifacts to complete each area and progress further. Journey is a linear, atmospheric story book. This award-winning title is beloved by fans and still talked about today.


One of the most influential indie games to ever hit game systems around the world, Braid is a platformer where time is your tool. In this title, players control Tim as he traverses through many puzzle-based platformer levels. As the player makes his way through multiple worlds, they will face new and exciting time-based challenges where some enemies or items will not be affected by Tim’s time manipulation.

This title is an easy to learn, hard to master title that will engage players in its simple but engaging puzzles and platforming. This is an amazing title and one of the best indie titles ever made.


Outland is a stylistic and exciting dark platformer which graced the PlayStation Network store back in 2011. In this title, players must use the forces of light and dark to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and progress through the vast number of levels. As players progress, they must strategically change between light and dark to defeat certain enemies or pass through barriers.

The platforming is tight and quick, meaning that players must time every jump or dash to the second so that they can progress through each challenging level. There is plenty of fun combat for Metroidvania fans as well. This title has something for everyone and one of the best titles on the PlayStation Network store.

Rayman Legends

Rayman returns for an all new adventure that will keep players glued to the screen for hours upon hours. Rayman Legends is a fully 2D platformer that revitalized the long-running franchise. This entry into the series keeps the beautiful style of Rayman Origins that adds some amazing charm to the game.

Players must save the teensies and the princesses from the nightmare by traversing exciting and different levels. Some levels are set to the tune of some famous songs that players will definitely recognize immediately. The game features four player co-op too, so grab all of your friends for an awesome adventure.


Another amazing and influential indie title, Guacamelee! is a stylized, Metroidvania adventure through a fantastical version of Mexico. Players control a luchador named Juan as he fights the forces of evil and saves the love of his life. This title plays like most Metroidvanias in which players collect new power-ups to let them progress further through the world.

There are plenty of fun bosses, cool easter eggs, and amazing wrestling moves to unleash upon enemies. This title is as fun as it is beautiful. Every scene is breathtaking and will engage players through its entire runtime. Guacamelee! is a must-play for fans of indie titles and Metroidvanias.


LIMBO is a dark and depressing adventure through limbo. Players take their character through dangerous puzzles and frightening environments to learn the fate of his sister. While LIMBO can be depressing and violent, players will find themselves not putting the controller down for hours upon hours. This title is beautifully stylized in a black and white color scheme that immerses the player in the dark world of LIMBO.

The game gives the player no information about the story other than the environment, but still produces a gripping tale from start to finish and ensures players will be immersed in the dark, dank world of LIMBO.


Spelunky is a rogue-like adventure that has the player explore cave after cave in order to find the most valuable treasure. The player plays as an explorer that must platform through caves to collect a better arsenal, more treasure, and unlock new secrets. Those secrets hide around every turn, which will immerse and invest the player in this Indiana Jones-esque adventure.

Every single trek through the long-forgotten caves is different from the last since the entire world is procedurally generated. Be careful though, if the character dies then the player must begin their adventure again from the start. This is an amazing indie title and an exciting rogue-like.


LittleBigPlanet is a choose your own adventure book that has been perfectly made into a video game. Players must control Sackboy as he progresses through multiple physics-based platformer levels that are included with the game or created by other players. The big pull to this title is the community that revolves around it - there are a plethora of player-created levels that can vary wildly. This was possible because the game contains a level creation mode in which players can use a wide array of items and set pieces to create whatever they want.

Want to recreate 1-1 from the original Mario title? It is not only possible but encouraged in this title. LittleBigPlanet is, undoubtedly, one of the most innovative and creative games on the PlayStation 3.

  • Updated September 4, 2020