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The PlayStation 2 was home to some of the best games of the millennium. Whether these games were sequels to preexisting franchises or brand-new IP’s, the PlayStation 2 boasted some of the best games in one of the largest libraries that gaming has ever seen. The PlayStation 2 sold ~155 million units within its lifetime, outselling every other home console to have hit the market. The PlayStation 2 was a cultural icon of gaming and loved by gamers worldwide. Seemingly every household in the early 2000’s owned a PlayStation 2, just like everyone had a Wii during the next generation of consoles.

Sports games have been a part of gaming as long as the industry has existed. Sports already have predetermined rules and an easy format that transfers well into gaming. No more waiting for hockey or football season to get your fix. Sports games have been providing sports fans with a way to enjoy their favorite games even in the off-season for years. The PlayStation 2 was no exception, featuring many amazing and innovative sports titles. With the increased processing power over the last generation, gamers were able to enjoy more realistic and beautiful sports games and realistic AI to top it off.

Fight Night Round 4

This sequel to the critically acclaimed and realistic title Fight Night Round 3 takes the adrenaline pumping action of the last title and updates it with even more new features. One noticeable change that returning players will notice immediately is that the career mode has been replaced by the legacy mode.

While the gameplay is relatively similar to previous entries, this title puts more focus on counter punches rather than blocks which changes up the gameplay nicely. The game also introduces a point system rather than the controllable cutman in previous titles. There are 48 different boxers to choose from in this title making for one of the best boxing games for the PlayStation 2.

FIFA Soccer 10

This iteration in the long-running FIFA franchise by EA makes a few notable changes that will give players a new, fresh experience. New to this title is the Total Football Experience which will update the player on league news from around their Manager Mode world to add some cool realism to this title. The player is also able to hire an assistant manager which will take care of some of the player management for upcoming matches for them.

Individual player growth has also been overhauled allowing players to improve based upon their performance in a specific match. FIFA Soccer 10 is an awesome soccer title and a must play for any FIFA fan.

MLB 10: The Show

MLB 10: The Show brings the on-field realism that baseball fans crave back for another iteration. This entry to the series updates upon most of the mechanics seen in previous titles. The Road to the Show mode makes a comeback in this title with even more realism to keep players engaged. Players will still be able to take their custom character from a dinky minor league bus to the major leagues and reach stardom as they claim the World Series.

This title in the Show franchise will have hardcore baseball fans engaged in realistic play and fun modes that set this title apart from other baseball sims.

NBA 2K12

This awesome entry into the NBA 2K franchise takes basketball to a whole other level. This title has much less emphasis on player and franchise management, so the player can focus more on the action on the court.

Introduced in this title is the Legendary Teams mode which allows the player to take control of some of the best teams to have ever graced the NBA such as the 1996 Bulls. Even the screen will reflect the technology of each respective era with short-shorts and black-and-white replay feeds. This title is a landmark 2K game and a definite favorite among basketball fans.

Madden NFL 09

This entry into the Madden franchise brings back the fun of professional football to the PlayStation 2. This entry shows off the Front Office mode which allows players to make trades and feel like a real team manager. The rest of the gameplay is similar to that of previous titles except the quarterback passing cone has been removed. Players can choose from Exhibition play, Season play, or Quickplay depending on how much time they plan to sink in.

This game also features the Instant Impact feature which slows down time for players to make quick decisions during play. This is an awesome update to a great franchise and will make football fans fall back in love with Madden NFL.

  • Updated September 18, 2020