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Sony moved the gaming industry forward in leaps and bounds with the PlayStation 2. Apart from selling around 155 million units worldwide, the platform displayed some of the greatest games of the 2000’s with new and exciting technical achievements to make these games greater. The console had one of the largest libraries of any home console along with amazing third-party support to bring in amazing ports and exciting new franchises that were best played on this platform. Without a doubt, the PlayStation 2 was the pinnacle of 2000’s gaming and has been permanently etched into the minds of gamers since. The gaming industry would not be the same without the PlayStation 2’s impact.

Shooters have been a main-stay for gaming since video games hit the market. While very different compared to today’s shooters, games like Space Invaders and Galaga paved the way for players to aim and destroy enemies in style. Although shooters have sometimes been a point of controversy, this has not taken away from the genre’s impact on gaming as a whole – in fact, they remain one of the most popular genres even today. The PlayStation 2 had plenty of amazing shooters in its library to keep gamers satisfied for hours of fun and exciting gameplay. Some of the most popular and influential shooters of all time made an appearance on the PlayStation 2, with titles like Star Wars Battlefront and Half Life boasting hardcore fans all over the world.

TimeSplitters 2

The sequel to the critically acclaimed TimeSplitters takes everything that made the original awesome and amps it up with even more time bending action to keep players engaged. In this title, there are plenty of fresh and exciting time periods to explore and face off against new and stylized enemies. Ranging from the Wild West to the 25th century, players will fall in love with this amazing series of games.

There are ten different levels for players to explore giving the game plenty of content. The two-player mode also makes a welcome comeback. Hook up a second controller and have a friend play through this time warping shooter. This is an awesome game with plenty of cool quirks to set it apart from other shooters of this era.

Red Faction

This first-person shooter takes place on the red planet, with players controlling the main character Parker, as they fight back against the almost slave labor that he and his cohorts have been subjected to while mining for the Ultor Corporation.

While primarily being a first-person shooter, there are also stealth segments where Parker must don a disguise in order to sneak past groups of enemies unnoticed. Red Faction also shows off the Geo-Mod game engine which allows the player to blast holes through various parts of the environment, giving this game an awesome realistic and fun feel. This game is an amazing and unique shooter that many players will find themselves falling in love with.

Medal of Honor: Frontline

The first entry of the Medal of Honor franchise to hit the PlayStation 2 boasts plenty of new changes that players will fall in love with. As in previous titles, the developers have painstakingly recreated real-life missions to create a new level of authenticity for players and history-buffs alike.

In this iteration into the Medal of Honor series, Lt. Jimmy Patterson must breakthrough the German frontline in order to steal the HO-IX, a Nazi superweapon that could turn the tide of the war in the favor of the Axis powers. This is an awesome war-time shooter that has an engaging story and exciting gameplay.


This port of the beloved and critically acclaimed FPS title by Valve has hit the PS2. The game takes its 1998 look and turns it into something that looks fantastic on the PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 2 also includes Half-Life: Decay which is an expansion for the base game that has never been available for PC players. This expansion is centered around cooperative play and changes up the gameplay nicely.

The player takes control of Gordon Freeman in the main story as he arrives for his last day of work at Black Mesa, even though he does not know that. The Resonance Cascade happens and creates a portal to Xen which unleashes interdimensional creatures that wreak havoc upon the world. This is one of the best shooters ever made and every gamer should play this game.

Quake III Revolution

The PlayStation 2 is graced by the landmark arena FPS Quake with Quake III Revolution. This is a port of Quake III Arena which hit the PC in 1999 and was a massive success. The PlayStation 2 version includes some new features however that make this version awesome.

Along with the awesome action of multiplayer Quake, this edition also includes a single-player mission-based mode which is a nice break from the adrenaline pumping multiplayer action. The multiplayer mode, which supports four players simultaneously, is full of gibs, guns, and fun. This is an awesome FPS title that has helped create a genre.

SOCOM II U.S. Navy Seals

The second entry into the SOCOM series brings back the third-person military action of the first title and improves upon everything that made its predecessor great. There are twelve different missions for the player to explore and shoot their way through, with plenty of difficulty throughout. The player is also able to order their team of CPUs around with the controller or the optional USB microphone, adding some awesome realism to the game.

SOCOM II also features online multiplayer where players can go head-to-head against other players in online lobbies. These lobbies feature voice-chat as well. This is an awesome, realistic war shooter with plenty of fun gameplay and strategy.

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Psi-Ops is an awesome stealth shooter which utilizes telekinetic powers to take down enemies and complete objectives. The player takes control of Nick Scryer, an operative with powerful mind abilities, as they take down the evil Movement terrorist organization. While being able to utilize psychic abilities, the player can also use traditional means of taking down enemies such as handguns and automatic rifles.

Psi-Ops features a non-linear story allowing the player to complete missions as they please. This is an awesome take on the shooter genre with plenty of awesome quirks and features to keep players glued to the screen.

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

This entry into the Bond series of games takes a different approach than the last generation of Bond games. This game is a third-person shooter that improves upon earlier Bond games with better gameplay, graphics and sound.

James Bond is investigating the helping his fellow agent 003 in Peru when Diavolo murders him and moves his base to New Orleans. Use plenty of Bond gadgets to infiltrate enemy bases, take down guards, and steal information on Diavolo. This entry is critically acclaimed and one of the best Bond games to be released.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

One of the best Star Wars games to have ever hit the market. The PlayStation 2 was graced with an awesome third-person, blaster toting, and Lightsaber wielding experience that is every Star Wars fan’s dream. Battlefront II features Rise of the Empire campaign which takes place during the Clone Wars and carries through to the attack on the rebel base on Hoth.

While the campaign is amazing, the draw to this title is the multiplayer mode. Fight against your friends as a clone trooper, a battle droid, Stormtroopers, or a hero as you play capture the flag in the multitude of awesome maps that this game has to offer. This is an amazing Star Wars game which still holds up today.

  • Updated September 4, 2020