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After the failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony to work on the Playstation as a disc drive for the Super Nintendo, Sony decided it was time to enter the gaming market with their first console, the Playstation. Released in 1995 in the West, it beat Nintendo to having a fully 3D console by almost a year. Even thought it was a 32-bit console, it boasted a strong library that was hard competition for Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo 64. Some of the franchises started on the original Playstation are still staples in the gaming industry such as Metal Gear Solid and Tomb Raider.

With 3D games becoming an industry standard, and games like Wolfenstein 3D and DooM becoming massive successes, shooters were a perfect way to show off the new technology. While Nintendo did not do as much in the shooter genre because of its family friendly focus, Sony showed off what a shooter could do without the limitations of making it kid friendly.

Medal of Honor

The beginning of the mature war shooter genre may have started with this title. Released in 1999, Medal of Honor has you playing as Jimmy Patterson, an allied soldier during the D-Day invasion. While trying to reach his drop-zone, his plane his shot down and his allies are injured. In waiting for support, he successfully fended off enemy attacks and was awarded the Medal of Honor.

You play through 24 different levels where you journey through multiple areas with challenging, realistic AI. You also have a large arsenal of weapons to find lying around these areas. The game also features an original score, a multiplayer mode, and some stealth sections where you don German uniforms and try to sneak your way through enemy territory. This was a pivotal game for the realistic war shooter genre and a must-play.

Syphon Filter

One of the most influential third-person shooters, Syphon Filter, released in 1999, has you playing as Gabriel Logan and Lian Xing as they investigate bioterrorism outbreaks. This game, while being a shooter, has a heavy emphasis on stealth. You must silently dispatch enemies as you progress through each area in order to not alert other enemies.

There is also a focus on the occasional puzzle, which changes up the gameplay nicely. There is also a large array of weapons to play with which allow you to take out enemies differently and strategically. If you are a fan of third-person shooters, this is an awesome title to pick up.

Delta Force: Urban Warfare

In this first-person shooter from 2002, you play as a lone Delta Force operative who must take out terrorists. There are various different mission types which make this shooter really fun and a lot more interesting. While there are the intense shootouts that are common in first-person shooter games, there are also stealth missions, strategic infiltrations, demolition missions, and time-sensitive missions.

The AI in this game is also very reactive to how you play. They will hide behind cover and use tactical maneuvers to make sure they do not go down easy. There are twelve missions of explosive, awesome action that will leave you craving for more.

Alien Resurrection

In 2000’s Alien Resurrection, you play as a super-human clone of Ellen Ripley and three more members of the USM Auriga through ten levels of horrifying action. You must fight your way through waves of various types of Xenomorphs and marines with the sole purpose of taking you out. This game is not just another shooter, but in Alien fashion, also a horror game.

Alien Resurrection makes your time on the ship extremely challenging as you traverse atmospheric areas of the ship, whether above or below water. There are eleven different weapons that are scattered throughout the world that you can find to beef up your arsenal. This is an awesome game for fans of the Alien franchise.

007: The World is Not Enough

007: The World is not Enough is another return to the classy, action-packed world of MI-6 agent James Bond. Based on the movie of the same name, you play as Pierce Brosnan’s iteration of James Bond who must traverse fourteen levels of spy gadget action. The health and armor system will look familiar players of other 007 games. There are plenty of objectives to keep you moving through plenty of enemies.

The Bond gadgets and guns are copious as well to help you traverse each area in typical Bond style. You must thwart terrorist attacks, save hostages, and find out who is behind the chaos. This is an amazing game for any fans of James Bond.

  • Updated September 4, 2020