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The Nintendo 64, released in 1996, was Nintendo’s response to Sony’s PlayStation which boasted some of the first 3D graphics seen on the home consoles of the era. While the PlayStation displayed 32-bit graphics, the Nintendo 64 boasted 64-bit graphics which allowed for more polygons, and better-looking games. Some of the most iconic games in gaming history were in this console’s large library, such as GoldenEye, Ocarina of Time, and Mario 64 among others. The N64 deserves its spot as one of the best consoles of all-time, cementing itself in the memories of gamers worldwide.

Now that consoles had moved to 3D, the shooter genre had gotten an upgrade. Say goodbye to games like DooM and Wolfenstein with their limited enemies, character models and graphics and say hello to GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, and Turok with their awesome and varied environments, responsive AI, and better aiming mechanics. The Nintendo 64 showed what the shooter genre was capable of by giving players a glimpse of what the genre had to offer in years to come. Multiplayer battles have never been this exciting either. With support of up to four players, many games took advantage of the awesome capability for friends to gun each other down in action movie style.

Perfect Dark

Many people know Rare for their fun and quirky platformers that feature a cast of anthropomorphic characters, but they also created some of the best first-person shooters in gaming history. Perfect Dark is an example of this.

Players will assume the role of Joanna Dark, a secret agent who must infiltrate dataDyne in order to recover a kidnapped scientist. During her mission, she will uncover dark secrets that will change her life forever. This title features a four-player mode which allows players to fight each other in familiar arenas from the game. This title is one of, if not the best first-person shooters on the system.

GoldenEye 007

Rare’s first first-person shooter on the console, GoldenEye 007 is a movie tie-in with a ton of character. Most people probably assume movie tie-in games are just shovelware, but GoldenEye will prove them wrong. Players will play as James Bond following the story of the film. All of the Bond gadgets are here for players to play around with along with plenty of spy action.

The shooting in this game is like nothing ever seen before, with awesome aiming and exciting missions. This title also includes a four-player mode in which players can take on the many faces of the Bond world such as Oddjob, Jaws, and Baron Samedi.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Turok is Jurassic Park with guns. If that does not get you excited enough, imagine DooM’s action mixed with the exploration of Tomb Raider. Turok is an awesome game that allows players to play as a Native American warrior as he hunts down an evil scientist who has unleashed an ancient weapon and allowed dinosaurs to roam free.

There are plenty of weapons in your arsenal as well allowing players to strategically take down enemies throughout the many levels. The AI is super responsive, letting players take out certain body parts to strategically clear an area. All together, Turok is an awesome shooter that should be played by everyone.

007: The World is Not Enough

Developed by EA this time, 007: The World is Not Enough is another awesome first-person shooter with plenty of the familiar James Bond action. There are fourteen levels, each allowing the player to gadget and gun their way through familiar settings from the film.

The four-player deathmatch mode is back as well, this time with even more gameplay options for players to mess around with. Despite Rare not being behind the wheel on this title, 007: The World is Not Enough is definitely a worthy successor to GoldenEye and one of the best first-person shooters on the Nintendo 64.

Jet Force Gemini

Another fantastic Rare title, Jet Force Gemini returns to the world of quirky and weird Rare titles that are so much fun to play. The player takes control of Juno, Vela, or Lupus, as they travel across fifteen worlds in order to defeat the evil Mizar who wishes only to control the galaxy.

This title is different from other Rare shooters since it is only in third-person, but it does not affect the fun. There is a huge arsenal of awesome weapons to play around with and destroy enemies with across varied and interesting environments. Jet Force Gemini is a blast to play and could not be recommended enough.

  • Updated September 4, 2020