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Nintendo has a long history of providing some of the most innovative and exciting gaming experiences, and 2001’s Nintendo GameCube was no exception. With plenty of new features such as LAN support, a new ergonomic controller, an internal menu, and disc titles, players had plenty of new toys to play with. Even though the GameCube was not the best-selling Nintendo console, the library on the GameCube was extensive, providing players with some of the best gaming experiences to date. The GameCube, all together, was one of the best consoles to date, creating amazing memories for players who were able to experience this system.

Sports games have always been a draw for both casual and hardcore players. Players can experience their favorite games even in the off-season, and build their dream teams. The GameCube’s library was filled with great sports titles that brought fan-favorites to their living rooms. Entries into the Madden, Tony Hawk, and 2K franchises stood out to bring the action that players have enjoyed for years to the next generation. Now that saving your game and taking your memory card anywhere was a feature, players could take their dream team to a friend’s house and face off in a legendary game of their favorite sport.

Madden NFL 2004

Every Madden release brings new features that put players closer to professional football, and Madden NFL 2004 is no exception to this trend. The audio-visual enhancements of this title are astounding, providing players with the most realistic, professional football experience that the GameCube can handle.

This title also adds some gameplay elements that are sure to excite players. New in this entry is the “Deep Owner Mode”, which allows players to control every aspect of their team from players to building a new stadium. The ergonomic controller of the GameCube makes this game easier to play, allowing for tight controls and easier movement. Madden NFL 2004 is a football fan’s dream come true and a fantastic title for the GameCube.


Sega’s response to the massively successful Madden franchise is another great football simulator that provides a nice change of pace compared to Madden. While on the surface it seems like a pretty standard football simulator, the deeper players dive into the various modes and mechanics they will soon realize that this title is filled to the brim with content.

The game itself is extremely realistic, showcasing color commentary and play calling as close to real life as possible. The “Franchise Mode” allows players to take their team through a full career, enjoying some fast-paced and high stakes games. NFL 2K3 is an awesome football sim that does not skimp on content.


Another awesome sports sim by Sega, NHL 2K3 provides some of the most realistic hockey action to date and shows what the GameCube is capable of. Fast-paced gameplay along with commentary from ESPN’s finest, this is a hockey fan’s heaven. Also featured in this 2K title is the “Franchise Mode”, which allows for players to live out their team’s career to become Stanley Cup champions.

Each player has specific stats which can greatly change how each match plays out, giving players a new level of strategy. NFL 2K3 is an awesome title with plenty of content for both newcomers and hardcore hockey fans.


SSX has been one of the most exciting series since its debut on the PlayStation 2. The third entry seeks to step things up a notch, and it succeeds gracefully. New to SSX, players will now be able to explore the mountain freely, shredding down hills and pulling off awesome tricks at your leisure. The combo system has been revamped to allow for easier trick chains and Uber Tricks.

SSX 3 is the epitome of what this game has wanted to be for years, and is an great title to relax in or compete in awesome competitions.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

This long-standing series is back, once again, to provide players with one of the best skating experiences to date. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 uses the GameCube to its full potential. The features in this title are almost endless, featuring plenty of new tricks, parks, and the skate park editing tool.

This title feels more alive than ever, featuring living, breathing environments populated by moving cars and pedestrians that react to player movements, and sometimes harassment. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 is another awesome entry that adds more to an already brilliant and fleshed out series.

MVP Baseball 2004

One of the best baseball simulators on the GameCube, MVP Baseball 2004 brings players closer to the action than ever before. Every single part of the sport is under the player’s control, with plenty of modes that focus on different aspects of this title.

Dynasty Mode is a real highlight in this title, giving players information and control over every single detail. Players can see scouting prospects, manage their team’s chemistry, set goals, and advance from the minor leagues to the top. MVP Baseball 2004 is a faithful homage to the sport and a must play for fans of baseball.

NBA Street

NBA Street provides the perfect change of pace compared to most basketball sims of the era, allowing players to play in three on three pick-up games rather than your typical professional game.

The gameplay, at the core, is similar to most basketball games, but with a nice blend of wacky NBA Jam-like mechanics. Players can perform tricks in order to gain special trick points and fill up their special meter. The special meter allows for players to make a “special shot” which adds to your team’s points while subtracting from the opponent’s. There are plenty of exciting modes as well which take different spins on the wacky gameplay.


Another awesome basketball simulator, NBA 2K2 features exciting professional basketball action starring players from the 2001 season along with some of the best players to ever grace the sport. Along with the exciting lineup of players, gamers can pull off exciting maneuvers and execute skillful plays.

There are plenty of modes in which players can show off, or improve, their skill including Exhibition, Season, Practice, Tourney, Playoffs, Fantasy, and Franchise, which all offer their own take and tweaks on this fantastic title. NBA 2K2 is the perfect title for both fans of basketball and NBA legends, providing plenty of exciting gameplay and matchups.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Travel to some of the most famous courses in the country for some professional golf action in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003. This title is a great, laidback sports title that allows players to play against some of the most famous pros in the sport.

There are 14 different courses to choose from, each with their own quirks and challenges. There is also a create a course mode to add to this awesome list of courses. Players can also choose from a selection of minigames in which they can test their skills, or improve their swing. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 is an instant classic and a great title to relax to.

  • Updated September 18, 2020