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Released in 2001 to excited fans, the Nintendo GameCube took 3D graphics to a new level. Along with the updated hardware, this new console gave players one of the best controllers ever designed, an extensive library of fun titles, and Gameboy Advance compatibility. The GameCube was, truly, another testament to Nintendo’s innovation. Some of the most iconic games to this day debuted on this fantastic console, providing players with some of the most memorable experiences that gaming has ever offered. There is nothing like exploring familiar places like Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom in more beautiful resolution than ever before.

Shooters really started hitting their stride during this era, making this genre more mainstream by the day. The Nintendo GameCube’s new controller made shooters easier to play than ever before. Players no longer had to fiddle with the strange claw controller of the N64 to play their favorite shooters, the GameCube offered an ergonomic solution that made playing these games a breeze. The line-up of awesome games made the GameCube a must-have for fans of innovative and exciting titles like TimeSplitters, Medal of Honor, and Freedom Fighters. These titles have left a lasting impression on those that experienced them on the GameCube, and all of the praise these games received was well deserved.

TimeSplitters 2

Probably one of the most memorable titles for the GameCube, TimeSplitters 2 was a return to the time-travelling shoot-em-up adventure that the previous made famous. Instead of going for the typical, forgettable story that most shooters offered during this generation and the next, TimeSplitters 2 opted for an in-depth and exciting narrative that engrossed players in this awesome world.

Ranging from the Wild West to a bleak future overrun by extraterrestrials, each environment is more interesting than the last. The gunplay in this title provides some of the most exciting action that the GameCube can handle. TimeSplitters 2 is a thrilling adventure from start to finish, and a must-play on the GameCube.

James Bond 007: Nightfire

James Bond 007: Nightfire does not sound like the typical movie tie-in that we’re used to, and it's not! This title features a completely original narrative that is sure to excite players just as much as any of the other Bond titles that came before it. The missions featured in Nightfire are your typical Bond outings, ranging from stealth, run and gun, and recon missions.

In typical Bond style, this title features a four-player split screen mode where players can team up or duke it out across many different maps with plenty of recognizable characters. James Bond 007: Nightfire is everything players love about Bond games, and will be sure not to disappoint.

Medal of Honor Frontline

Originally released for the PlayStation 2, Medal of Honor Frontline is an awesome WWII first person shooter that takes players through the reality of war. Players assume the role of Lt. Jimmy Patterson, a heroic soldier who has received the famed Medal of Honor, in a quest to infiltrate the German frontline and stop a superweapon that could turn the tide of the war.

There are several different mission types that change up gameplay nicely such as stealth missions, storming Omaha beach, and a variety of sabotage scenarios. Medal of Honor Frontline does a stellar job in immersing the player in World War II with exciting gameplay and a narrative worth investing in.

Red Faction II

A return to the Red Planet, Red Faction II features some of the most exciting first-person shooter action on the console. The biggest draw to this title is the completely destructible environment. As players move from location to location, trying to destroy enemy outposts, they will be able to blow up every bit of Mars with a large arsenal of exciting weapons.

Destroy Sopot’s evil forces in beautiful, stylized environments based upon much of the propaganda from the USSR. Red Faction II utilizes every bit of the GameCube’s hardware, giving players an exhilarating adventure from beginning to end.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

In the era of realistic, World War II shooters, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One stands apart from the rest. While this series is known for realistic titles, the action is fast and exciting, not slowing down to give players unnecessary details.

Players drop into the action as a member of “The Big Red One”, an American division venturing through various locales fighting Axis forces. Players will bond with their squad of troops as they make their way through dangerous battlegrounds. The gunplay itself is what you would expect from a Call of Duty title, fast-paced and compelling all the way through.

Freedom Fighters

In an alternate timeline, the Soviets have won the Cold War and taken over the world. A group of freedom fighters, led by Christopher Stone, begins fighting the USSR’s control in New York City. The gameplay of this title is a standard third-person shooter with a nice blend of squad combat elements to add some nice strategy to this exciting title.

Performance and decisions the player makes throughout the game can affect the later parts of the game, penalizing and rewarding players depending on how they play. Freedom Fighters is a creative and exciting title that blends an alternate timeline with fun gameplay elements to make one of the best experiences on the GameCube.

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

In the distant future, on a planet inhabited by droids, a droid named Glitch has decided to take up arms against the evil General Corrosive to rid the planet of this menace. The gameplay is an exciting, arcadey, third-person shooter that reinvigorates the genre.

As players progress through one of 40 levels, they will acquire a large arsenal of weapons which will destroy enemies in fun and exciting ways. Players can also “hack” into enemy soldiers and use them as extensions of Glitch. Metal Arms: Glitch in the System provides some of the best arcade action on the GameCube and is a blast to play.

  • Updated September 4, 2020