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Sega’s final console release brought gamers some of the best titles Sega could muster up. It almost felt like Sega saved some of the best for last. While many players played some of these titles on other consoles, these racing games started on the Dreamcast. Whether they were arcade remasters or original Dreamcast games, there were plenty of options to excite and engross gamers worldwide.

Titles like Crazy Taxi and San Francisco Rush 2049 have left a lasting impression on gamers as well as the gaming industry. Since the Dreamcast was not one of Sega’s most popular consoles, many of these games are still available to modern gamers on plenty of platforms such as PC, Playstation Store, or the Xbox One.

Crazy Taxi

Originally an arcade title ported to the Sega Dreamcast, Crazy Taxi is a title that perfectly mixes the high speed driving of Grand Theft Auto with exciting delivery missions that create one of the most exciting games to date. The gameplay itself is pretty simple, players must deliver passengers to their destination as quickly as possible in order to accumulate cash. The player can also earn tips from their passenger if they perform crazy stunts along the way.

While the game seems pretty basic, Crazy Taxi spices things up with amazing driving controls and fun mini games making this title one of the most replayable on the console. Crazy Taxi is easily one of the best pick up and play games ever made, making it an easy choice for Dreamcast gamers.

Hydro Thunder

Imagine if someone mixed Wave Race with awesome futuristic speed boats. If that sounds awesome to you then Hydro Thunder is your game. Players take some of the fastest speed boats to grace the arcades and home consoles through insane landscapes for some awesome, high-speed racing.

The player has the option to choose from thirteen different boats, each with their own difficulty level along with another thirteen different tracks. These tracks and boats are extremely unique, offering a nice challenge to players who want to broaden their horizons. This title has been praised by reviewers and fans alike, holding this game up as one of the best racing titles to date.

Metropolis Street Racer

Metropolis Street Racer is where Project Gotham Racing started. The first entry in the Project Gotham series is a notable one too. Metropolis Street Racer is probably the biggest racing game on the Dreamcast, offering 262 different tracks and an almost infinite amount of cars.

The mechanic that sets this title apart from other racing games of the era is the “Kudos” system, which rewards players for racing stylishly as well as quickly. These Kudos are mainly earned by completing challenges which allow players to race against AI, race against the clock, or race with custom rules. Metropolis Street Racer is an easy choice for racing fans that want some bang for their buck.

San Francisco Rush 2049

Another arcade classic, San Francisco Rush 2049 offers players a futuristic, high-speed racing with plenty of wacky stunts to keep everyone entertained. There are plenty of awesome unlockables that players can get by performing well in the game such as an obstacle course and car types.

San Francisco Rush 2049 also includes an exciting multiplayer mode which allows four players to compete in obstacle courses, races, or stunt matches. San Francisco Rush 2049 mixes a great soundtrack with exciting gameplay to provide one of the best arcade racing experiences on the Dreamcast.

Daytona USA 2001

One of the best stock car racing games to date, Daytona USA 2001 offers gamers an exciting look into the world of stock car racing. Featuring eight tracks to choose from in a variety of different modes, this title is full of awesome racing action.

Players are able to experience each track normally as well as reverse, mirror, and mirror reverse which offer new challenges. There are four different modes to choose from as well which change up the gameplay nicely. The player has the opportunity to unlock new cars by completing races and performing well. Daytona USA 2001 epitomizes arcade racing without needing an expensive setup.

Test Drive Le Mans

One of the most critically acclaimed Dreamcast games ever released, Test Drive Le Mans is an awesome endurance race through Le Mans, France where skill is put to the test. With all of the elements of the real life 24 hours of Le Mans race, this title is not only realistic, but unbelievably fun. Le Mans is not the only race players can compete in either.

Test Drive Le Mans also features Bugatti Circuit, Brno Circuit, Road Atlanta, Suzuki Circuit, Donington Park, and Circuit de Catalunya which offer a change of pace compared to Le Mans. Players have the option of taking on the 24-hour endurance race or play quicker games in the arcade mode. Both modes feature a weather and day/night cycle that affects how the player’s car will drive. Test Drive Le Mans deserves all of its praise considering it is one of the most fun and exciting racing games of the era.

  • Updated January 26, 2021