Best Sega Genesis Handheld SD Cards

The Sega Genesis was easily one of the best consoles ever made, giving players an insanely large library of exciting and unique titles to play. But this awesome console is now 30 years old, so playing your favorite classic games could be difficult. Luckily, Sega makes your nostalgic journey easier than before with various different re-releases of classic titles. Mini, retro consoles have gotten popular within the last few years, and Sega followed this trend, releasing a handheld and mini version of the Genesis preloaded with some of the greatest hits on the console.

These games may not be YOUR favorite, however. Luckily, the Sega Genesis Portable is included with an SD card port on the top of the console. This console is already jam-packed with 80 awesome games, but the Genesis had over 700 game releases during its lifespan. All these games can be played on your portable console with the use of an SD card. Depending on the size of your SD card, you will be able to greatly increase the size of your Genesis library. Here are the best Sega Genesis Handheld SD cards we’ve found.

Anker 2-in-1 USB 3.0 SD Card Reader


Connector TypeUSB 3.0
Product Dimensions0.47 x 1.30 x 2.56 inches

Before you start loading games onto an SD card from your PC, you will likely need an adapter. Many laptops and workstations don’t come with SD card readers today since the original SD card form factor isn’t widely used. This is one of many options out there for SD card readers, but Anker is a pretty trusted manufacturer and a safe buy.

SanDisk 32GB SD Card


Storage Capacity32GB
Memory TypeSDHC
Speed ClassClass 10
Read/Write Speed90MB/s

Since most Sega Genesis titles are relatively small (only a few megabytes apiece), you don’t need anything super high capacity. A 32-gigabyte card is definitely more than enough to load your favorite games on. SanDisk has been making quality SD cards for years with great read/write speeds and high capacity. If you are ever looking for SD cards and SanDisk is an option, they are one of the safest bets.

Lexar 32GB SD Card

Storage Capacity32GB
Memory TypeSDHC
Speed ClassClass 10
Read/Write Speed95MB/s

Lexar is another well-trusted manufacturer of SD cards. These have an extremely high read/write speed to make transferring titles from your PC to your card a breeze. Again, 32 gigabytes is probably more than most people will need for Sega Genesis games (the whole library is around 300 GB, but most people won’t want all 714 games). These cards only cost around $6 generally, so this is a pretty inexpensive option.

SanDisk 64GB SD Card

Storage Capacity64GB
Memory TypeMicro SDXC
Speed ClassClass 10
Read/Write Speed170MB/s

If you are looking for a large library of games, 64GB is plenty of space. Again, SanDisk is a great manufacturer, with read/write speeds being a lot faster than the 32GB model. This card, since it is double the size of the previous, will cost a little bit more, but if you are looking for a bargain for the space you need, this card is a great option.

  • Updated September 3, 2020