What are the Longest SNES Games?

Thanks to the many different upgrades that the SNES offered, gamers could now experience longer, more story driven titles that took a while to beat. These were mostly RPGs such as the Final Fantasy series. With the graphical improvements, titles could become more realistic and engaging. The kinks that made NES RPGs difficult were mostly ironed out during this era as well. The overall quality of life improvements during this generation made games a blast, and extremely memorable.

Final Fantasy III

Probably one of the best titles ever released on the console, Final Fantasy III in the US and Final Fantasy VI everywhere else, was an extremely expansive and exciting title that provided an engaging and beautiful fantasy experience. The combat is extremely familiar for players who played any of their predecessors, using the menu, turn-based combat model. Each player’s experience in this title is different, giving plenty of customization options for each character. The story can take an average of 35 hours to complete, which rivals some games today.

Final Fantasy II

Originally released as Final Fantasy II outside of Japan, Final Fantasy IV is another awesome fantasy adventure that plays more like the original Final Fantasy title rather than later ones like Final Fantasy III in the US. This title kept the pure fantasy aesthetic over the futuristic fantasy that Final Fantasy III and onward moved towards. While using a turn-based battle system, this title implements the Active Time Battle, which allowed players to input commands that could be executed in real time. Final Fantasy II is an amazing upgrade to the series that solved a lot of the clunkiness that players experienced in the first title. This entry takes around 24 hours to beat, but around 40 to complete every part of this amazing game.

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

Probably one of the lesser known titles on this list, Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is an exciting real-time strategy title that incorporates fantasy elements into an awesome story with great gameplay. Players must lead a revolution against a tyrannical empire with a team of their own making. As the game progresses, players can recruit mythical creatures and hardened warriors to aid them in their quest. On average, this awesome strategy RPG takes around 24 hours to fully complete, making it an awesome and fleshed out adventure for fans of the genre.


Probably one of the best RPGs to date, Earthbound is a wacky adventure through the eyes of a young boy living in a retro America. A strange meteor has landed in the quaint town of Onett, plunging Ness and some new friends into a journey that will unlock strange secrets and test their wills. The game plays like a typical turn-based RPG, with the addition of awesome enemy designs, crazy weapons, and intense magic that will blow opponents away. Earthbound makes great use of the SNES’ capabilities, creating a colorful experience with fantastic music to top it all off. This RPG is a must-play for any Nintendo or gaming fan. Overall, the story takes around 30 hours to complete, but it will definitely fly by.

Harvest Moon

This, if you invest enough time into it, could be the longest title on the SNES. Harvest Moon is a cute little game that centers around the player leaving the fast-paced city to move to a rustic town where they can raise their own farm. This title is easily the most charming on the SNES, giving players the chance to interact and build relationships with townsfolk, raise livestock, and become a key member of your town. While the story of the game only takes around 25 hours to complete, players can continue to develop their farm and relax in the cute little farm they’ve built.

  • September 8, 2020
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