Logitech’s Ultimate Peripheral: The Chaos Spectrum G900

Wireless mice and keyboards have always been a great source of fear for professional gamers, and even though every professional gamer dreams to have a wireless mouse that would function just as perfectly as a wired one. However, it seems that is going to change permanently with Logitech’s Chaos Spectrum G900. This perfectly lightweight, comfortable, and customizable wireless gadget can be truly regarded as the pioneer of wireless gaming mice.



g900 wireless mouse


Look and Feel

Logitech has been highly innovative about the look and design of this device. It greatly varies from common wireless gaming mice, and even from its own predecessors such as the Proteus Spectrum G502 and the Daedalus Apex G303. It is a symmetrical and light device with a slim feel. It has subtle indentations on the upper part to rest the fingers and thumb. There are two fin-like occurrences near the bottom on either side of the device that look really cool but do not affect the look and feel of the device.





The Chaos Spectrum G900 can have from 5 to 9 buttons, depending on the personal preferences of the gamer. It has thumb buttons that can be swapped out, which ambitious gamers can have on both sides if they choose so, or they can be swapped out altogether, thus giving a great deal of comfort and control to the gamer. Apart from the thumb buttons, the device has two regular buttons, a high performance scroll wheel that can click three ways, and two small buttons in the center that are used to change CPI settings, but users can also reprogram them to perform any desired function. All the buttons are well placed and highly responsive.

Sensor Accuracy

The device is equipped with PMW3366 optical sensor, which is widely regarded as one of the best optical sensors currently available in the market. It has zero smoothing and filtering, and ensures a high level of accuracy, performance, and responsiveness. The accuracy can be even further enhanced by using the “surface tuning” feature in the Logitech Gaming Software. Gamers can use this feature to custom tune the sensor of their playing surface.


chaos spectrum g900

Battery Life

The device takes about 2 hours to completely charge, and returns anywhere from 24 to 32 hours of battery life. Experts at Logitech estimate up to 800 charges for the battery before it starts to degrade, giving the average gamer about 4 years of use.

Other Qualities

The device has several other distinct qualities such as power efficient technology, clock-tuning technology, and ambidextrous design; however, the quality that really sets it apart from other wireless gaming mice is its professional grade performance and responsiveness. It features a high-end report rate of 1millisecond, and a 2.4 GHz wireless connection that promises a seamless and flawless experience. Logitech went through a great deal to tweak the wireless responsiveness to its peak. It works perfectly without the slightest lag, even in areas of intense wireless traffics.

Overall, the Chaos Spectrum G900 wireless gaming mouse is unstoppable on the gaming field!

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  • Updated January 19, 2018
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