How Gaming is Making You A Better Person

Video games are a stack of fun and a terrific method to unwind, however they have more benefits than eliminating tension.

Some games, even truly easy ones like Tetris, have been shown to increase grey matter in the brain with constant usage. Strategic video games like Starcraft boost psychological versatility, and you get benefits even from side-scrolling platformers like Mario.

You don’t need a console and even a computer system to get the advantages of gaming. Your smartphone has more processing power and better graphics abilities that console systems from just a few years ago.

Video games can create a sharper mind

Brain activity

Fast paced video games also appear to train the brain into gathering information and reacting much more quickly. Not only do gamers have faster response times with less information, they also made better decisions than non-gamers. A separate study showed that moderate video game use can even boost brain volume.​ You can check out the study here.

New research also suggests that playing video games can benefit your mood and encourage relaxation through socialization, when done in a moderate amount. The positive effects are negated when playing for long periods of time​.

Check out the infographic below for more information:

  • Updated January 19, 2018