This father hired gamers to ‘kill’ son in online games

A man by the name of Mr. Feng (冯先生) hired virtual “assassins” to hunt down his son in online video games and kill off his avatar, rather than sending his son off to a gaming addiction center or strip him of internet and gaming rights.

Mr Feng, was concerned about the amount of time his 23-year-old unemployed son was spending online. He hoped his actions would deter his son from playing the games, he is reported to have said.

GIPHY | Another father getting sick of his son playing games

It is unknown where or how Mr Feng found the in-game assassins—every one of the players he hired were stronger and higher leveled than his son. Feng’s idea was that his son would get bored of playing games if he was killed every time he logged on, and that he would start putting more effort into getting a job.

Father and son are said to have reconciled but World of Warcraft expert Olivia Grace said she did not think Mr Feng’s actions would necessarily act as a deterrent.

Personally, I’m surprised he didn’t rage quit, that’s exactly what I would have done.

Source: 父亲雇”高手”网游中追杀儿子以制止其玩游戏

  • Updated January 19, 2018