The 2017 COD WWII reveal trailer! Preorder BELOW for BONUS EXTRAS!!!!!!!

Well at last Activision revealed the new Call of Duty and might I add I am EXTREMELY excited about this one! Just to put in terms how exciting this is, the COD WWII reveal trailer is the MOST LIKED COD reveal trailer in COD history!!!! Check out the trailer below!

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I am absolutely excited about this as I know most hardcore, diehard Call of Duty fans should be! After the last upsetting futuristic COD called Infinite Warefare, I was so frustrated with the game that I stopped playing. Nobody wants to jetpack around in space and play COD. The game felt like a spin off of Call of Duty – Advanced Warefare. Might I add that I hated Advanced Warefare!!!!

I WAS a fan of Black Ops 3 though and here’s why.

I was a big fan of the advanced movement system in the game. I thought it brought more strategy and complexity in the double jumping and wall running aspects of the game. I enjoyed wall running around buildings and ambushing enemies who wouldn’t even of thought that was possible!

Anyways enough about that old COD. There is a new Call of Duty coming to town

I sure hope that COD WWII is NOT a spin off from Battlefield 1. Lets see if Activision can bring fresh, new content to the new COD.


Brings me to my last question…..who ready for some WORLD WAR 2 ZOMBIES?!?!?!?

  • Updated January 19, 2018
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