Cherry Creates A Brand New Silent Mechanical Keyboard

As you may know by now, mechanical keyboards have a certain sound to them when you press the keys. This might be ideal for some people, but for others they may prefer a silent mechanical keyboard.

If you are familiar with mechanical keyboards, then you know that Cherry is probably one of the most famous switch makers for mechanical keyboards, so much so that prior to making their own switches, Logitech and Razer used to rely on Cherry’s MX switches for their gaming mechanical keyboards. Cherry not only makes their own switches, but they also make keyboards and this time they created a silent mechanical keyboard.

At CES 2017, Cherry announced the MX Board Silent. This is a mechanical keyboard based on Cherry’s famed G80-3000 keyboard with one big difference: it’s completely silent.

The MX Silent-switches have a uniquely shaped rubber pad compared to conventional switches. The integrated 2-component stem reduces audible clicks at the bottom-out and top-out to a minimum. Instead of relying on third-party products, CHERRY relies on a self-developed, innovative solution that preserves the special properties of each individual switch. As with every other MX switch, these features include a sturdy housing made of plastic polymer, a precise spiral spring, and the unique Gold Crosspoint contact technology. This exclusive production process guarantees a precise release and a service life of over 50 million keystrokes.

The Cherry MX Board Silent will be available in MX Red or MX Black.

The MX Board Silent is offered in two versions, so the consumer can choose between two variants of the noise-reduced MX Silent switches. Both exhibit linear switching characteristics but differ in the required release force: 45 centinewtons for the MX Red Silent and for those who prefer a slightly higher resistance, 60 centinewtons for the MX Black Silent. Like all MX switches, the bounce is less than a millisecond, allowing for precise and instantaneous input.

The MX Board Silent is only be available in international EU layout and will only feature grey & black for the color options. The price you ask? Well the keyboard will be priced at $149, which is not bad at all considering Cherry makes great quality keyboards.

  • Updated September 3, 2020