Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under $100 – Top 5

Are you thinking of buying the best wireless gaming mouse to go along with your wireless mechanical keyboard?

With so many wireless gaming mice out there, it can be hard to find one.

See our top 5 list below of the best wireless gaming mice that are affordable and have a high potential for gaming.

Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless

best wireless gaming mouse

On the top of our list as the best wireless gaming mouse and it’s there for good reasons. Although the G403 is one of the expensive gaming mice in its category, the cost can absolutely be justified. This logitech wireless gaming mouse has a minimalist and simple yet stylish design, which is made with a focus on user’s comfort. Logitech has kept things simple with this mouse by housing it with only six buttons, including one for DPI adjustment.

The G403 offers you a rich and superior gaming experience with its impressive DPI ranging from 200-12,000, and a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, promising a seamless and lag-free connectivity.

The logitech wireless gaming mouse has a number of salient features that make it well worth the money such as: onboard memory, customizable RGB lighting, and adjustable weights. All in all, the G403 is undoubtedly one, if not the best wireless gaming mouse in its category. It compares to even the best wired gaming mice out there!



Gaming grade optical sensor Thumb buttons may be unsatisfying for some
Stellar wireless functionality Expensive in its category
Comfortable, ergonomic design
Adjustable weights
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Razer Ouroboros

best wireless gaming mouse

The Ouroboros is a versatile gaming mouse developed by Razer having two unique features: it offers you a very high level of customization, and you can use it both as wired and wireless. It comes with a screw driver that you can use to turn the Ouroboros into a mouse that is uniquely designed for you. You get total freedom to adjust height of the palm rest, length of the mouse, size of the gap on the palm rest, along with the ability to entirely swap out the thumb pads.

This razer wireless gaming mouse features 13 buttons, all of which can be entirely reprogrammed except the left mouse button. Like all Razer products, the Ouroboros comes with Synapse software, allowing you to make profiles for specific games and save them to the cloud server, as well as to reprogram the buttons.

The Ouroboros has an impressive DPI ranging from 100 to 8200, and can be adjusted on the fly. It delivers stellar gaming performance in both wired and wireless modes. It is an excellent choice if you are seeking a best wireless gaming mouse under $100.



Incredible level of customization Side buttons can trigger accidentally
Ambidextrous design Buttons are somewhat flimsy
Highly accurate dual-sensor Complicated
Both wired/wireless
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Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9

best wireless gaming mouse

The Cyborg R.A.T. 9 is a highly capable, professional grade gaming mouse that will remind you of the transformers. It has a stylish and unique design, and users can customize it perfectly according to their preferences regardless of their hand size and grip style. Using the accompanying screwdriver, you can entirely change the shape and size of this mouse. It has swappable palm and finger rests, along with adjustable weights.

All the buttons can be reprogrammed using the accompanying software, and it also allows you to store up to 3 profiles for your favorite games. The DPI can be adjusted on the fly using the DPI button using the dedicated button. This best wireless gaming mouse has excellent functionality and the 5600 DPI optical sensor will suffice even for pro gamers.




Comfortable and unique design Design might seem weird to some users
Excellent wireless functionality Removing the battery can be complicated
Comes with an extra battery Fragile thumb rest
Highly customizable
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Razer Orochi

best wireless gaming mouse

Razer’s Orochi is a small, lightweight, and symmetrical gaming mouse that promises to bring a great and worthwhile gaming experience. It is basically meant to be used with a laptop, indicated by the short cable; however, it can be used in wireless mode as well through Bluetooth.

The 8,200 DPI optical sensor has been optimized for low power consumption, and works perfectly across all gaming genres. This razer wireless gaming mouse houses a powerful battery, offering up to 60 hours of continuous game play. It also incorporates Razer’s Chroma lighting technology, enabling you to choose from the 16.8 million available colors.

The level of wireless performance depends mostly on your gaming machine. If it has a good Bluetooth receptor, then you are in good hands. If, at times, you encounter problems with the Bluetooth, you can always play in the wired mode for a rich gaming experience.



Sleek and ergonomic design Bluetooth performance is not so good
Good level of customization Lacks 5g sensor
Highly portable The small size can be annoying for some
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Logitech G602

best wireless gaming mouse

Finally, Logitech’s G602 is the last on our list, ideal for gamers who cannot afford the mice near the higher end of this category, yet are fond of the ease and comfort offered by wireless gadgets.

Despite the low price, this logitech wireless gaming mouse is stylish and comfortable gaming mouse. It has a well-placed thumb rest, and a rubber palm rest to ensure sweat-free play during hours of intense gaming tournaments. It has a total of 11 buttons, of which 6 occur on the left side of the mouse and can be reprogrammed.

The G602 is a DPI range of 250-2500 which won’t be ideal for professionals but it does well enough for casual gamers that are not concerned with pixel-precise accuracy. The mouse is powered by 2 AA batteries, making it capable of usage for up to 250 hours. An interesting feature here is that you can remove one battery to reduce the weight of the mouse if you prefer, at the expense of half the battery time. It isn’t the best wireless gaming mouse for professionals, but casual gamers will find it good enough.



Stylish and comfortable design Batteries are heavy
Onboard memory Lacks wired mode
Impressive battery DPI might be low for pro gamers
Good value for price
[amazon box=”B00E4MQODC” title=”Logitech G602″ ]


We know that looking for the best wireless mouse for gaming is a daunting task. Hopefully our list has helped you find one!

Our number one pick is still the Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless.

If you need help finding the best mechanical keyboard, we also have you covered!

  • Updated September 3, 2020
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