The Best SNES Boxing Games

Thanks to the technological developments that the SNES brought, players could now experience boxing action as if they were actually in the ring. Titles like Super Punch-Out!! and Boxing Legends of the Ring provide gamers with fun, and authentic boxing experiences that have held up, almost thirty years later. These titles are perfectly crafted to make boxing fans happy as well as introduce newcomers to the sport. Here is our list of the best SNES boxing games.

Super Punch-Out!!

The lesser known sequel of Punch-Out!! for the NES, Super Punch-Out!! brings back the goofiness of the original with beautiful 16-bit graphics. The player can once again put on their gloves and take to the ring against weird and wacky enemies to become the World Video Boxing Champion. The gameplay itself is the same as the original, just with a few tweaks to improve the overall experience. Just like the original, every opponent is distinct, offering crazy fighting styles that bring plenty of challenge. Both new fans and fans of the original will fall in love with this title’s quirkiness and gameplay.

Boxing Legends of the Ring

A more realistic title than the last, Boxing Legends of the Ring is an exciting bout among middleweight fighters of the era. An awesome mechanic in this title is progressive damage. As the player progresses through the game, fighters will look and act more injured, adding cuts and bruises to their portraits and affecting their style of fighting. Players also have three different stats which also change how they act as an opponent. This title tops it off with fun action and exciting ways to play making this the best realistic boxing title on the system.

TKO Super Championship Boxing

This Japanese title takes boxing to another level, giving players different play styles to fight against in awesome, brutal boxing. An awesome feature of this title is the advice your corner can give you, helping you take down opponents with unfamiliar fighting styles. There are eight available fighters to choose from, with the option to choose from 1 to 10 rounds along with a difficulty setting. The difference between TKO Super Championship Boxing and other boxing titles on the SNES is its utilization of a side view. Players don’t hover behind their character, but on the outside of the ring which makes strategy easier. Overall, this title is a fantastic boxing game for casual players and hardcore fans, offering a new challenge every fight.

Riddick Bowe Boxing

Held as the best boxing title for the SNES, Riddick Bowe Boxing provides an awesome realistic boxing experience geared towards hardcore fans. Players can either choose from the career mode, which functions more like a story mode in which the player creates their boxer and fights their way to the title, or the exhibition mode which allows players to choose their fighter and fight for as little or as long as they want. While having a simple health meter system, fighters will begin to show their damage in the form of cuts and bruises. This title is an awesome game for hardcore boxing fans, allowing them to experience amazing boxing bouts in real time.

  • September 18, 2020
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