The Best SNES Basketball Games

Thanks to Nintendo’s awesome advancements in gaming technology, gamers received some of the most exciting and realistic basketball titles available, with plenty holding up today. Some of these classic games provided the true-to-life basketball experience, while others differed greatly. This wide range of games provided hardcore sports fans with the action they crave in the off season, and casual fans with the goofy action only possible in gaming. Titles like NBA Jam and Tecmo Super NBA Basketball have stood the test of time, giving gamers experiences that cannot be matched. Here is our list of the best SNES basketball games.


Probably one of the goofiest, but most exciting basketball games to date, NBA Jam provides awesome two-on-two action with full court dunks and a roster composed of the Clintons and Al Gore. Featuring both licensed teams and players, gamers can choose their favorite player of the era and take to the courts. For the most part, players cannot foul, so feel free to play as aggressive as you want. Physics don’t apply to this title either, giving players the ability to jump from one end of the court to the other for an awesome full-court dunk. To top it all off, there are countless easter eggs hidden within this title, making it an absolute must-play for any gamer.

Tecmo Super NBA Basketball

Taking place in the 1992-1993 season, Tecmo Super NBA Basketball gives players one of the most realistic basketball experiences available on the SNES. Both the NBA teams and players have been licensed for the SNES version, allowing players to build their dream roster. Players that would like to relive an alternate version of this season can watch every game be played rather than taking part in the action, a feature distinct to this title. Tecmo Super NBA Basketball received great reviews on its release, and it holds up today. This title is easily a must-have for SNES owners.

NCAA Basketball

NCAA Basketball is another realistic take on the sport with some awesome advances in Super Nintendo technology. Utilizing Mode 7 technology, this title creates a sudo-3D environment for players to play in. With this new perspective, players are now able to see around the court, and get a better angle on the opposing team. Supporting up to two players, players can take on AI or a friend for a game or a full season of play. Conferences included in this title are the ACC, Big East, Big 8, SEC, and the SWC. This title is the quintessential college basketball game on the SNES that will please fans and casuals alike.

College Slam

Another fantastic college basketball title, College Slam includes 44 Division I teams ready to face tough competition for the National Championship title. One notable gameplay change this title makes compared to other basketball games of the era is the arcadey action. When players score twice in a row, they will begin a streak. The third basket, and subsequent baskets after that, the ball sets fire and makes it easier to score and build your streak. Occasionally lightning will strike the ball as well when an awesome dunk is made. The customization of the teams is also a plus, giving players the ability to make their dream team. All together, this title is an awesome, arcadey, basketball title with plenty of action for fans or casual onlookers alike.

NBA Hangtime

A fierce competitor to NBA Jam, NBA Hangtime is another great basketball title that borrows a lot of the goofiness of NBA Jam with plenty of its own spins to make this game feel fresh. Gamers are able to create their own custom player, and take to the courts to pull off crazy alley oops and wild double slam dunks. Pulling off these crazy moves makes your team “on fire”, which makes each member of your team literally on fire. Just like NBA Jam, there are plenty of cheat codes hidden within the game that can unlock all sorts of crazy effects. If you were a fan of NBA Jam and are looking for more action, NBA Hangtime is the game for you.

  • September 18, 2020
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