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The Sega Genesis was able to conquer the diverse gaming industry due to its massive portfolio of arcade properties, a good number of which are classic racing games. If you're a gaming enthusiast, then you'll agree that bringing an arcade racer to the home console is harder than it seems. That is why Sega's impressive turnout has shocked most players. What players are assured when playing these games is a sensation of speed and rock-solid gameplay. This post details some of our favorite Genesis racing games, and you will also get to learn why each one stands out from other racing games.

Championship Pro-Am

Championship Pro-Am was developed for the Genesis by Rare and was adapted from their Nintendo exclusive R.C.Pro-Am. The game features improved graphics and sound over its predecessor, and since it was created by one of the industry's best, you should expect a fun and challenging experience.

Championship Pro-Am has a simple premise, with the player controlling an R.C. car around a selection of tracks viewed from an isometric perspective, while competing against four computer-controlled rivals. However, there are various power-ups available throughout the races, such as speed boosts or increased traction. These, combined with the weapons that can be picked up, as well as environmental hazards to avoid, provide a surprising amount of depth and replayability.

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP 2

This is an action-packed Formula 1-style racing game features 16 world championship courses, as well as two additional special courses. Legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna, actually had a fair amount of input to the game, as can be seen from the inclusion of his own farm track as well as two tracks designed by the man himself.

The aim of the game is to win the world championship by competing against 15 rivals on the tracks of the 1991 Formula 1 season.

The cars are faster than ever, with speeds as high as 340 km/h. This, combined with the excellent graphics and sound made Super Monaco GP 2 one of the most realistic racing games of its time.

Super Off Road

If you are the type of driver that can never get enough of 4x4 off-road action, then Super Off Road is the game for you. There are hazardous and dirty tracks to test your skills on while you compete other off-road racers for the fastest time. Super Off Road was one of the first driving games to allow players to upgrade their vehicle - for example, players could use their race winnings to purchase more nitro, bigger tires, better shock absorbers, and faster engines.

Players must complete four laps of each off-road circuit ahead of their opponents. The aim is to finish the season of 99 races with more prize money than any rival.

The top-down graphics and fun sound effects and music are captivating and help to keep players in the game.

Road Rash 2

Road Rash 2 features bikers racing through the countryside of American states, such as Hawaii, Tennessee, and Vermont. The level of detail in this game is great, with telegraph poles, farm animals, and foliage placed on the roadside and providing obstacles for the careless gamer. Players should expect big jumps and twisty tracks that make the game more challenging than your ordinary game.

The aim is to defeat your rivals across all races before spending your winnings on a new, faster bike. This isn't easy though, as your enemies can attack you with clubs and chains as you race, and the police may even get involved.

Road Rash 2 is a really entertaining arcade racing game and one of the best on the Genesis.

Super Hang On

This game lets you race your motorcycle through different tracks all over the world. There are two modes of play, and they both have a simple objective - get to the finish line before anyone else. However, other than just competing against other riders, you will also be racing against the clock - there are a series of checkpoints on every track you choose. This means that you must pass through them before the allocated time runs out.

During Original Mode players must race against their opponents to win prize money to upgrade their bike. Sponsors can also be recruited to help the player on their way.

The game differs from its predecessor Hang On by featuring improved graphics, as well as a turbo ability, which can be activated as soon as your motorbike clocks 280 km/h.


OutRun is a racing game that lets you compete against the clock rather than cars. Players must drive their Ferrari Testarossa as fast as they can along public roads, while avoiding traffic, to reach their destination.

The game features some unusual non-linear gameplay - as you play, the road will split into two, and you must choose a direction. This affects the areas you drive through, the complexity of the game, and the reward sequence that plays at the end. Generally, the left route is easier than the right.

The 3d-style graphics and third-person perspective, coupled with those vibrant Sega colors, make this game a joy to play.The gameplay is also fantastic and helps to make OutRun the iconic and influential game it is.

Virtua Racing

Virtua Racing is commonly thought of as one of the most important and revolutionary videogames in the racing genre. The pioneering use of complex 3D graphics, multiple camera angles, and high polygon count laid the foundation for many racing games to come.

Virtua Racing involves players driving Formula 1-style cars around three tracks while competing against 15 opponents. The aim is to win the race, but there are also checkpoints which must be reached in sufficient time to allow the race to continue.

Although three tracks may not seem like much to master, the game has unique handling and efficient AI racers, meaning that mastering these tracks is still a significant challenge. There is also a brand new replay mode that had never existed in any arcade game before.

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

Once you fire up a Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, you will initiate a nice intro that shows you the race monster you are about to own. The 3rd person perspective provides a nice view of your car, and the lack of music allows the engine sound to come through strongly.

There are eight tracks to choose from, including a practice track for drivers who still don't have the confidence to take on more challenging routes. Each circuit is set in a different country, features unique surface conditions and weather effects, such as sand or snow. The player can also choose between manual or automatic gears before competing in either a one-player or dual player split-screen mode.

Players must race against time, completing checkpoints as they race through the circuit challenging for the win.

  • Updated September 4, 2020