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The PS1 was truly a golden age for fans of traditional RPG’s, with classic after classic released during the life of the console. The only console to really come close in terms of turn-based RPG’s is the SNES, but even with all the legendary titles on the Nintendo console it’s hard to beat the catalogue of great PS1 role playing games.

Trimming this list down to just 15 games was a real challenge, and there were numerous great games which didn’t quite make it (the first Suikoden, Breath of Fire 3, Vandal Hearts, Wild Arms 1 + 2 to name a few). But, after some contemplation, these are the titles which we think are the best PS1 RPGs.

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is a follow-up game to the Chrono Trigger developed by Square. The game has numerous characters, including dragon knights, pirates, cyborgs, robots, and many more, each with a role to play.

It revolves around a teenage boy known as Serge, who finds himself at the center of parallel worlds. When faced by the alternate reality in which he died while still a kid, Serge is determined to find the truth about the two world's divergence.

Various characters help him during his journey to the tropical archipelago El Nido. As Serge strives to discover his past, he is challenged by an antagonist known as Lynx. The game is fantastic to play with its suspense creating a nice feeling to the gamers.

Some of the selling points of the Chrono Cross game include its use of three-dimensional computer graphics and soundtracks that make the game resemble the real world.

Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story is an action game that revolves around the main character, known as Riskbreaker Ashley Riot. The focus of the game is weapon modification and creation. Gamers who love action games will enjoy playing this investigative game that involves the use of weapons.

The player makes his way through the ruined city by slashing and hacking via the catacombs and caverns. The action game takes place in the Valendia kingdom and the ruined city known as Lea Monde. Riskbreaker acts as an agent who goes to investigate the relationship between a member of the Valendian parliament called Duke and a cult leader. The murder of Duke is attributed to Riskbreaker.

The game also uncovers the series of activities that happen before the killings. Vagrant Story will entertain you as you control the game to emerge the victor. The Vagrant Story is easily found in the original PlayStation.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII represents the seventh edition of the Final Fantasy series. The game is unique in that it contains pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D graphics and motion videos to improve the player's experience.

Moreover, the game has incredible soundtracks and a moving story making it one of the most influential RPGs of all time.

The story behind the game revolves around Cloud Strife- a mercenary- who succeeds in fighting Shinra Electric Power Company. Shinra Electric Power Company has taken control of the world through its exploitation of Mako -which is the fuel that powers the Midgar city- through its Mako Reactors.

Cloud initially goes into war for his gain but eventually joins others to protect the planet from destruction by Shinra company. The Avalanche eco-terrorist group, which is led by Barret Wallace, is responsible for the hiring of Cloud Strife as a mercenary. The game is exciting and represents one of the Best PS1 RPG's. 


Grandia is an incredible RPG game that incorporates 2D and 3D graphic designs. The game revolves around a story about a young boy called Justin, who has a passion of becoming an adventurer. Justin's father was also an adventurer and has gifted Justin with a Spirit Stone. Justin's ambitions make him move out of his town to discover the world.

The story begins with the military officers who have come to exploit the ruins of Justin's city. The story ends with Justin's passion for discovering the new world having being fulfilled with his childhood friend. Grandia is one of the most captivating games to play. The three-dimensional graphics give the game a unique taste. Grandia also has soundtracks that improve the player's gaming experience. 

Final Fantasy VIII

The main character in this game is called Squall Leonhart, who is a mercenary of the Balamb Garden. Squall joins hand with Rinoa Hertilly to help their Forest Owls group fight against Sorceress Edea.

Edea is considered an evil ruler of the Galbadia republic, who also has shown hostility to the Balamb Garden. The forces led by Squall result in a conflict with Sorceress Edea's forces.

The game is created based on science fiction and incorporation of the three-dimensional graphic designs that improve the user's experience. Final Fantasy VIII is the eighth edition of the Final Fantasy series. 


Alundra is an exciting game for players and features things such as 2D graphics, action-adventure, and a top-down platform. The game story touches on various themes such as death, depression, religion, and many others. The game is loved because it gives gamers a challenging task of working out puzzles.

The story behind Alundra revolves around the main protagonist, whose name is Alundra. He has the power to walk on people's dreams and interpret their meaning, and therefore he goes to an island in Inoa village to assist residents suffering from nightmares. The game thrills the players and is one of the best RPGs of all time. The incorporation of the soundtracks as the player controls the game gives it an additional aspect. 

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete is a fantastic game from the Lunar series that features various characters. The game is exciting and is a follow up of the Lunar: The Silver Star. The game incorporates excellent graphics, animated scenes, and voice acting.

Gamers enjoy playing this game as it calls for concentration to enjoy its plot. The game revolves around two main characters, namely Hiro and Lucia. Hiro is an ambitious adventurer who then meets with Lucia from the Blue Star. The goal of Lucia is to prevent Zophar from destroying the universe. There are numerous characters in this game that involves attacks and other thrilling parts. Lunar 2: External Blue Complete is one of the best RPG games to look for a fantastic gaming experience. 


Xenogears is an incredible game that involves role-playing. The main character is Fei Fong Wong, and the theme behind the game is liberation.

Fei is a reserved man from the Lahan region. The introduction of robots with drivers in the Lahan region changes the way of life of the people. Xenogears involve the use of robots known as gears, which starts destroying the Lahan area.

Fei Fong Wong and other freedom fighters seek to liberate their planet from corrupt a corrupt regime. Among the features that make this game to stand out include the flowing story, use of three-dimensional graphics, and incredible soundtracks. As a player, you engage the protagonists and their collaborators in a war in a 3D fictional world that has cities and other prominent locations.

Gamers who enjoy playing war games will find Xenogears exciting since it incorporates everything you need in a battlefield with martial arts also coming into play.

Breath of Fire IV

Breath of Fire IV is a role-playing game that was first released in the year 2000. It represents the fourth game in the Breath of Fire series.

The game is one of the best RPGs to look for as it features good soundtracks and two and three-dimensional computer graphics that greatly enhance the user's interface.

Breath of Fire IV also incorporates the turn-based battle sequence. A player can use his or her creativity to attack the protagonists and win the war.

The game revolves around a story where Ryu is the main character. Other characters aid in the creation of the game. Ryu is a young man who can transform into powerful dragons. Ryu must then team up with other highly skilled warriors to prevent an immortal emperor from destroying the world.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is a PlayStation game that was first released in the year 2000. It represents the third game from the Persona series and is one of the most captivating video games to play during the leisure time. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is a direct follow up of its predecessor, Persona 2: Innocent Sin. The main character in the game is known as Maya Amamo, and actions happen in the fictional Sumaru city.

Maya Amamo acts as an investigative agent trying to identify about the Jokers Curse. The Joker curse represents a series of happenings where the people's wishes and rumor are becoming a reality causing chaos in the city.

Maya Amayo, together with other people, succeeds in summoning personas, and as the game continues, characters can use their personas in fighting demons.

Some of the features that make this video game incredible include the turn-based battle sequence, 3D computer graphics, and good soundtracks. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is an incredible game for gaming enthusiasts.

Suikoden II

Suikoden II is among the best PlayStation games and was first released in 1998. The gamers like it because of its flowing story and incredible graphics. The soundtracks are also excellent, making the user enjoy playing it. Suikoden II is a game whose central theme is centered on liberation.

The characters behind this game fight for their rights by arresting vampire lords. The wars happen between two countries, namely the Highland and the City-State of Jowston.

Players also have the alternative of allowing artificial intelligence to automatically conduct a round of battles without being required to input the commands manually.

A struggle of an absolute magnitude above encountered enemies will see its flee control converted to either bribe or let go, which will eventually release the enemy to end the combat. Suikoden II is among the best video games found in the original PlayStation.

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Star Ocean: The Second Story is the second game to be released on the Star Ocean series.

The story behind the Star Ocean game revolves around the main character called Claude Kenny- an exceptional military officer from a certain organization. He meets other people and plots to stop an evil organization that is operating in various regions before he returns to his home.

Star Ocean game gives the player a choice either to play as the main character or other characters. The flow of the story makes this game great. It also contains three-dimensional graphics.

Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is an exciting game that was developed from the fictional novel known as Parasite Eve. The game is suitable for gamers who love horror scenes. The main character of this game is Aya Brea, who serves as a police officer in New York City.

Aya Brea is determined to stop another character known as Eve from destroying human and animal life. The horrific scenes of the fight between these two characters continue until one of them is destroyed.

Aya Brea is determined to save New York City from destruction by Eve. When a gamer plays as Aya Brea, he or she must ensure the weapons are upgraded to destroy Eve's territories to save human life. The game comes in three-dimensional graphics, which makes it exciting to play.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX represented the ninth edition of the Final Fantasy series and was first released in the year 2000.

The story behind this game revolves around the consequences of the war between nations on a fantasy planet known as Gaia. The characters follow a thief known as Zidane Tribal, who has been given a duty to kidnap the princess of Alexandria, Garnet Til Alexandros XVII.

Zidane Tribal teams up with the princess of Alexandria and other allies to stop her mother, Queen Brahne, from waging war with the forces of Black mages.

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile is another captivating video game that is the first in the Valkyrie game series. The game is made from a story revolving around a character known as Lenneth Valkyrie.

He is tasked with the recruitment and training of the fallen warriors for Aesir against the Vanir.

The story has other characters in it who have various roles in the building up of this game. Valkyrie Profile is among the best video games to play in the PlayStation.

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