Best Gaming Keyboards for Small Hands

Many of the gaming keyboards on the market today seem like hefty and large pieces of equipment designed for those with large hands. While this does hold true for many of the mechanical and even some of the membrane keyboards available, there is an entire market for smaller keyboards.

Your Guide to Smaller Keyboards

Among many keyboard enthusiasts, there are three major types of smaller keyboards. These terms are not exclusive to mechanical keyboards, but you will likely see them thrown around more often with mechanical keyboards. Almost all of the smaller keyboards retain full gaming functionality, and buttons can be remapped in the rare case that something is missing. These keyboards are known as 75%, 60%, and 40%. Here is a quick rundown of the differences.

75% Keyboards

These are much smaller than your average full-size keyboard, but still have much of the functionality of their larger counterparts. The main missing piece on these keyboards is the numpad. There will be no media keys either, but the function keys offer more functionality. Every key on the board is compressed to fit in a pretty compact way. These keyboards are great if you’re looking for the functionality of a full-size with a little more portability.

60% Keyboards

Out of all keyboard sizes, 60%s are easily the most common. These are only a little smaller than their 75% counterparts, but significantly more portable. The differences between the 60% and the 75% are pretty minor. The 60% removes the function key bar, the arrow keys, and the home keys. These keyboards are really common and are fantastic for small hands or just something portable.

40% Keyboards

These keyboards are probably the least common. Being much smaller than even the 60%, many opt to use something with a little more functionality. They remove the number keys from the 60% and significantly shrink the size of the other keys. These keyboards may be more difficult for gaming, but they would work.

Our Picks

Now that you’re familiar with keyboard terms, it’s time to shop for some of the good ones. All of these smaller keyboards are fantastic for gamers with smaller hands.

DIERYA DK63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

DIERYA DK63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard by DIERYA is a fantastic 60% board for anyone with smaller hands. Unlike many gaming keyboards, this one features Bluetooth, making it not only perfect for smaller hands but great for portability. The battery is also very long-lasting. The DK63 comes with all of the keys you could ever need for gaming in a small package, making this keyboard really compact. Finally, this is a pretty cheap keyboard that offers a ton of value. The DIERYA DK63 is an awesome pick for any gamer with smaller hands while not breaking the bank.

Logitech G PRO

Logitech G PRO

Logitech is one of the best gaming peripheral manufacturers right now, and the Logitech G PRO is no exception to that trend. Out of all of Logitech’s gaming keyboards, this one is easily the smallest. However, that fact does not subtract from the value of the product. This keyboard would probably be considered a 75% but is bigger than most in that category. Using their slimmer design, this keyboard is fantastic for any desk or to take on the go. It features everything you’d expect from a gaming keyboard (including RGB). Finally, this board is a little more expensive, but the features are definitely worth the bigger outlay.

RedThunder 60% Gaming Keyboard

RedThunder 60% Gaming Keyboard

This is a fantastic keyboard for anyone with smaller hands. The RedThunder 60% Gaming Keyboard is extremely compact while still offering many of the features other gaming keyboards have. Unlike the keyboards listed above, the RedThunder 60% is membrane rather than mechanical. This not only makes it water-resistant but also much quieter than anything else on this list. The RedThunder 60% Gaming Keyboard is a fantastic, smaller keyboard for anyone on a budget.

Razer Huntsman Mini

Razer Huntsman Mini

Razer is another quality gaming gear manufacturer, offering really high-quality gear that will complete your gamer setup. Many of their keyboards are large and flashy, but not the Razer Huntsman Mini. This keyboard is a 60% that packs a lot of value into that compact frame. The look and feel of this keyboard is fantastic, packing in everything that Razer is known for. This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a keyboard on the smaller side that won’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts

Every keyboard on this list is highly recommended. They are all excellent products that don’t cost too much. If you’re a gamer with smaller hands, any of these are a fantastic choice for your gaming setup.

  • May 13, 2021
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