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        When it comes to gaming, the importance of sound. Anyone who has ever played an adventure game like Uncharted or a horror game like Resident Evil can tell you that muted, these games have a harder time evoking the same emotion. There is a practical side too, though. If you can’t hear what’s going on around you in a game like Player Unknown Battlegrounds, you won’t be able to last very long against players who can.

        However, you can’t always just blare your game aloud. Of course, there is the option of a traditional gaming headset but that doesn’t always work, especially if you’re a gamer on the go. A set of earbuds, though, are just the thing to take with you wherever you go.

        To experience quality, though, it is important that you find a set of earbuds that will give you the same experience as a headset. With a flooded market, this can be difficult. In this article, though, we are going to help you find and evaluate all your best options so you can know exactly what you need!

Razer Hammerhead In-Ear Pro

        If there is one brand that almost any gamer can recognize immediately, it’s Razer. Known for quality products that will last you a long time, the Razer Hammerhead In-Ear Pro doesn’t break tradition. With aluminum construction, you can trust these earbuds to be light and long-lasting.

        These earbuds also resist tangling, which is a big plus. If there is any simple task that can add a lot of frustration to your day, it’s trying to untangle a stubborn set of earbuds. When you plug them in, though, these headphones are nearly universal, working with both Android and iOS technology. You can also attach these to either your PC or Mac with no issue or cause for concern.

        Unfortunately, not everything here is good. For one, these are name brand headphones with a price tag to match. In addition, many gamers complain that the sound quality leaves a little to be desired. While this includes a lack of sound isolation, it has also been highlighted that these earbuds emphasise the bass a little too much.


  • Won’t tangle
  • Durable
  • Works with iOS and Android models


  • Expensive
  • No sound isolation
  • Bass heavy

YuGoo In-Ear Earbuds with Mic

        The first thing you will probably notice about these earbuds is the price. At under $10, the price is nearly unbeatable. They even have a thin sheet of gold that adds a distinct flair to these ear buds. With an included mic, you even have a nearly complete headset!

        If you are worried about compatibility with your headphones, don’t be! These headphones work with Apple, Android, PC, MP3/MP4 Players, other portable music players, laptops, tablets, and anything else you can think of! This makes them perfect for a gamer on the go that will be using different systems often.

        Unfortunately, this low price comes with some major drawbacks as well. First, let’s discuss sound quality. While there is both bass and higher frequencies present, they are somewhat muffled. The mic itself is also lower quality, meaning it can be difficult to use.


  • Mic included
  • Budget-friendly
  • 13-month warranty


  • Sound is a little low
  • Low quality mic
  • Generally, a quality sacrifice for a lower price

ActionPie VJJB-V1S Heavy Bass Earbuds

        The ActionPie VJJB-VIS Heavy Bass Earbuds are a great pair of gaming earbuds that are right around average price. This means they won’t have the sacrifices of a cheaper pair but they won’t have the vanity features of a more expensive pair either. However, don’t worry about sacrificing too many of these vanity features for a lower price. This set still offers a mic with them as well.

Each of these earbuds has a 6mm driver in each ear. This gives them the power to give you the sound quality you need to experience your game in the best possible way. Not only will it support the bass adequately for you, you will also be able to experience mids and highs in exceptional quality as well.

Unfortunately, we do have to go over some of the drawbacks of this set of earbuds. For one, the bass is good but it is nowhere the quality of the mids and highs in these earbuds. In addition, the material the cable is covered in bends easily but unfortunately will hold these bends for a while once they are made.


  • Good sound quality – especially mids and highs
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a storage pouch


  • Bass leaves something to be desired
  • Easy for cable to bend and stay bent

Senzer Resolution Earbuds

The Senzer Resolution Earbuds are another option that is mid-range when it comes to price. This means that while you may not have some of the vanity features of a more expensive headset, it definitely won’t have as many drawbacks as an incredibly cheap set. For example, not only does this set of earbuds have a built-in mic, it is an incredibly functional one.

These earbuds are also sound isolating, allowing you to become fully immersed in your game without being disturbed by outside sound. The Senzer Resolution Earbuds also have high sound quality. They support highs, mids, and bass, giving you full coverage for any in-game sound you may experience.

There aren’t many cons to this set of earbuds. The only main one that customers had was as to if  you were planning on using these for multiple purposes. If you want a pair you can use while you workout, these probably aren’t for you. Due to their weight, they might not stay in your ears while you move very well.


  • Sound isolating
  • Built-in mic
  • Durable


  • Not very good for active wear

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Premium In-Ear Earbuds

If anyone is familiar with Symphonized NRG earbuds, they usually first think of their unique, wood designs. This set of earbuds also features this iconic wooden design with several color options available. For the Symphonized NRG 3.0 Premium In-Ear Earbuds, you can choose black night, crimson red, fiery orange, luminescent yellow, powder blue and resilient purple. Each of these options is paired with hazy gray, creating a beautiful contrast in the design of the earbuds.

These also come in multiple sizes, generalized into large, medium, and small categories. This makes it so that any user can find a size that works for them. The custom silicone tips on these earbuds make them easy to wear as well.

The sound quality on these earbuds is impressive as well. However, this will only cancel quieter, ambient noises rather than totally soundproofing for you. Instead, you should just expect ambient noises to be quieter.


  • Beautiful wood design
  • Multiple color options
  • Multiple sizes
  • Highly compatible


  • Not entirely soundproof


        With any of these options, you are bound to see something that you like. After all, there is a range of prices and designs because no matter what type of gamer you are, you deserve the best gear!

  • Updated September 3, 2020
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