The Best Gaming Chair For Big Guys

You can’t really call yourself a true gamer unless you’ve got a great gaming setup, including a quality gaming chair. Unfortunately, finding the ideal chair can be pretty difficult, particularly for the larger than average person. With that in mind, read on to find out what we consider to be the best gaming chair for big guys, and the distinctive features that make it so well suited to the task.

DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NR Big and Tall Chair

Chair Weight66 pounds
Assembled Dimensions24 x 27 x 51 inches
Weight Limit250 lbs
MaterialMetal Frame and Base, Foam Padding, Upholstery Grade Vinyl Covering

DXRacer makes some of the best pc gaming chairs period! As is pretty obvious by the marketing, this chair was designed to the big and tall user. A wide seat and high backrest make this chair ideal for the gamer who needs more room and support than is offered by a lot of office-style chairs. In fact, the DXRacer Big and Tall is the best chair for those who need a better fitting office chair, not just for gamers.

Comfort and support are key factors here. If you’re looking for high tech connection capabilities or surround sound built into the chair, this may not be the best option for you.

How the DXRacer Big & Tall compares to others in its class

This DXRacer gaming chair is growing in popularity as more people need double duty out of accessories when possible. The breakdown below will explore the main features and aspects of this particular model so you can decide if it is a good investment for you.


There is no doubt that this chair has a sturdy frame and heavy-duty base. Constructed out of metal, it is meant to support fully grown, larger players. The quality of the DXRacer has been praised by users as being superior to others like it on the market.


Keeping in mind that everyone is different, this chair is very comfortable for its intended user. The ergonomic design and extra lumbar cushion give the back support needed for extended use, and the extra high backrest accommodates tall players. It may be overkill for smaller players who can’t get the full benefit of this design, though.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to this chair. Designed specifically for larger players, the DXRacer does have a wider seat and higher back than other similar models. It definitely fits the bill for taller players, but small or young players may get lost in it.


Unfortunately, there are no bells or whistles on this chair. The design focuses exclusively on support and comfort, so if you’re looking for connection abilities or other integrated technology, this is not the chair for you. However, if you need a roomier, supportive chair that can double for gaming and office work, this will do the job.


Importantly, you have to act according to your budget. The DXRacer Big & Tall is more expensive than a lot of gaming chairs, but it also has more room and gives more back support than most gaming chairs. If you find that standard chairs are not tall or broad enough for you, this will be a good investment.

Key Features

• Extra tall backrest
• Wide seat
• Upholstery-grade vinyl for easy cleaning
• Ergonomic design
• Extra lumbar pillow included
• Quality assured, passed 72 quality tests


The DXRacer Big & Tall gaming chair is intended for those who need more room and height in their gaming chair, and it does deliver. An extra high back gives neck and head support that taller players cannot get with standard chairs. The backrest can recline for ultimate comfort, and the armrests are adjustable as well. For those who need a bigger chair for gaming or office work, this is an excellent option.


Perfect for larger players
Excellent back support
Comes with an extra lumbar pillow
Back reclines
Vinyl is easy to clean
Double duty as office and gaming chair


Heavy, large frame takes up more space than standard size
Padding may be too firm for some people
Can take a while to put together – some users claim it is best to have two people for the task
More expensive than many gaming chairs

Wrap Up

The DXRacer Big and Tall is excellent for its intended user. A sturdy frame, higher backrest, and wider seat are more accommodating than a standard-sized model. This chair is ideal for extended use, either in gaming or the office.

While this chair is excellent for ergonomics, it is more expensive than a lot of models. This is worth considering, especially since the design is focused on comfort rather than the integrated technology that many gaming chairs now feature. If built-in connections and audio systems are a priority, this chair probably isn’t for you.

Taking everything into consideration, the DXRacer Big & Tall gaming chair is ideal for someone who needs the space and back support. Solid construction and comfort influenced this design, making it a good investment for anyone who needs these characteristics.

  • Updated September 3, 2020
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