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The market of gaming mice is vast and diverse, and the number of available choices can be overwhelming, especially for fresh gamers. On one end of this market are pro-gaming mice such as the Chaos Spectrum G900, capable of delivering stellar performance, but also capable of putting a noticeable hole in your wallet. On the other hand of this market stand mice like the TeckNet Raptor, a surprisingly cheap gaming mouse that; while giving you a certain amount of gaming functionality, is far from bringing you a true gaming experience.

There is also a central part of the market, comprised of gaming mice that promise to give you the best of both worlds.

Combining the high-tech functionality of pro gaming mice with the affordability of cheap ones, these mid-range gaming mice have been increasingly in demand, since they target a major fraction of the gamers’ community i.e. casual and average gamers.

This list of the top 5 “best cheap gaming mice” has been put together after a thorough consideration of the trending mice in this category. It will hopefully help you in your search to find the best cheap gaming mouse!

SteelSeries Rival 700

best cheap gaming mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 700 is a performance-oriented gaming mouse with a high-tech, ergonomic design. It features some characteristics of the most advanced gaming mice and to some extent, goes even beyond them. It is equipped with a PMW3360 optical sensor, one of the very best available in the market. Powered by a fully customizable OLED display and built-in tactile alerts functionality, the SteelSeries 700 can be more than satisfying even for professional gamers.

The body is made of industrial-grade black plastic with matte finishing on the left and right-click buttons. Two textured rubber grips are there on either side to ensure a firm, sweat-free grip. There’s 3 buttons on the left side of the mouse, along with the OLED display. The scroll wheel is ridged with RGB lighting, having a button just below it to set the mouse sensitivity.

The mouse comes with the SteelSeries Engine 3 software that lets you customize the functionality of the 7 buttons, OLED display, tactile alerts, and RGB lighting.

Pros Cons
High quality and ergonomic design GameSense supports only 3 games
Gaming grade optical sensor The build is rather heavy
Powerful and comprehensive software Mouse grip not liked by some users
Highly customizable
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Razer Deathadder Elite

best cheap gaming mouse

Famous for its sleek design, perfect accuracy, and high-responsiveness, the Razer Deathadder Elite simply does not compromise when it comes to gaming performance. Having won numerous ‘best gaming mouse’ awards, the Deathadder Elite is your best bid if accuracy and precision are your top priorities.

We did a full review of the Deathadder Elite which you can read for more information.

The powerful sensor offers a whopping 16,000 DPI, which in simple terms, is more than enough even for professional gamers. The material quality of the mouse is excellent and the ergonomic design ensures hours of comfortable game play. There are 7 reprogrammable buttons, including two buttons to adjust DPI settings.

A remarkable feature of this gadget is the gaming-optimized, highly responsive mechanical switches built by Razer in collaboration with Omron, a market leader in manufacturing mechanical switches. Along with being responsive, these switches are extremely durable and promise a life span of up to 50 million clicks.

Pros Cons
Highly precise and responsive Synapse software requires login
Stylish, ergonomic, and comfortable design Not much different from last year’s model
On the fly DPI adjustment No on-board memory for profiles
Powerful mechanical switches
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Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

best cheap gaming mouse

The Logitech 502 Proteus Spectrum is one of the most versatile and stylish gaming mice you can lay your hands on. It has 11 programmable buttons and a large, gaming-grade scroll-wheel, all having a glossy look. The body has a matte finishing with rubber grips on either side to prevent sweat. There’s a comfortable groove on the left for thumb-placement, along with 3 easily reachable buttons.

The adjustable weights and a DPI ranging from 200 to 12,000, make the Proteus Spectrum suitable for almost every gaming genre. The full 16.8 million color RGB backlighting, and the highly levels of DPI customizations offered by the software, make the G502 a superior and robust gaming mouse in terms of both appearance and performance.

Pros                                   Cons
Stylish and comfortable design For right-handed use only
Software offers powerful customization Palm-grip may not suit big hands
Customizable weight RGB lighting is not impressive
Very reasonably priced
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Corsair M65 Pro RGB

best cheap gaming mouse

While not very different from its predecessor, the Corsair M65 Pro RGB is still very likely to impress you with its stylish design and superior gaming performance. The body is made of industrial-grade aluminum, making the mouse both lightweight and extremely durable. Along with the long-lasting body, it also has Omron mechanical switches, making the buttons withstand up to 20 million clicks.

The high-quality sensor offers a DPI of up to 12,000, along with adjustable weights, making it particularly suitable for FPS games. The CUE software can make the 8 buttons customizable. The software also offers macro recording, and 3 zones of RGB lighting to choose from. Moreover, it is equipped with the Surface Tuning utility that optimizes the mouse according to your playing surface so you can enjoy pixel precise accuracy.

Pros Cons
Lightweight & extremely durable body Much similar to the previous model
Adjustable weights RGB lighting is not impressive
Powerful software
Dedicated sniper button
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Logitech G Pro

best cheap gaming mouse

The Logitech G Pro offers a fine blend of gaming competitiveness and affordability. With a simple and minimalist design, it is one of the lightest gaming mice currently available in the market. It has a special coating on the body for extra durability, and has been weight-optimized for efficient performance.

Amongst the salient features of this mouse is having the PMW3366 optical sensor, making it a tough competitor for rival mice in mid-range category. The sensor offers zero acceleration and smoothing, with a DPI of up to 12,000, enabling the mouse to deliver exceptional responsiveness and accuracy.

The 6 buttons and the RGB lighting can be fully customized using the accompanying software. It has a built-in memory so that you can take your settings with you anywhere you go.

Pros Cons
Onboard memory Software not compatible with MAC OS
Adjustable sensitivities Design is rather plain
Lightweight and simple Design is not ambidextrous
Good accuracy & responsiveness
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We get it…there are MANY gaming mice out there! There are the cheap ones which break in a month and then there are the expensive ones which are overpriced in the hundreds.

This guide combined the functionality of the pros with the affordability of cheap budget ones, bringing to light the mid-range gaming mice! The SteelSeries Rival 700 triumphs this time, being the ultimate combination of an affordable, professional gaming mouse.

Think we are wrong? Want to see something else? Write to us by contacting us directly or post a comment below!

  • Updated September 3, 2020
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