The Best Baseball Games for the Sega Genesis

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Sports games have always dominated the gaming market, giving casual gamers and hardcore fans a chance to catch their favorite sport in the off-season. In the early days of gaming, innovations in sports games were being released at a steady pace, and the Sega Genesis is a testament to that. Fans were able to relive, or improve, that year's season in beautiful 16-bit glory. There is a large library of baseball titles on the system, each providing tweaks on the overall formula, but all are fantastic titles.

World Series Baseball

Released in 1994, World Series Baseball is one of the most critically acclaimed baseball titles on the Sega Genesis. This title was the first baseball game to feature officially licensed MLB teams and players, with the roster being from the 1994 season. The play-by-play commentary is provided by the San Diego Padres broadcaster Jerry Coleman to provide some more realism to this title.

World Series Baseball was praised for its realistic gameplay, from the outfielders to the catcher, and its graphics, which were impressive for the time. Sadly, this is the only title in the series to be released for the original Genesis. But World Series Baseball is a great baseball title and a fantastic nostalgia trip.

Sports Talk Baseball

Another awesome baseball game, Sports Talk Baseball is a cool twist on the baseball formula. In this title, instead of abiding by typical baseball rules, players must score ten more points than the opposing team to win the game. This rule carries over throughout the various modes, which include exhibition, regular season, all-star, and playoff.

This title includes the full roster from the 1991 MLB season and features in-depth statistics, which was pretty unusual for the time. Sports Talk Baseball was praised as the ninth-best baseball game ever made, giving players plenty of exciting mechanics, gameplay, and realism that had never been seen before.

Triple Play Gold Edition

The Triple Play Baseball series was a mainstay for Sega Genesis baseball fans. The Gold Edition took what players loved about this series and upgraded it for another run. The gameplay itself is pretty similar to previous entries into the series, with the addition of the “pro” difficulty setting for players looking for an extra challenge.

The roster features all of the 1996 players with stats from the 1995 season. Another welcome inclusion is a four-player mode, which allows four-players to face off in awesome MLB action. Triple Play Gold Edition is an excellent baseball title that puts players right into the action.

Super Baseball 2020

Probably the least realistic title on this list, Super Baseball 2020 is an awesome, futuristic take on America's pastime. The rules have been changed slightly to account for the super strength that robot players now have. A home run is only achieved by hitting the ball over the protective glass, otherwise the ball is bounced back into play.

These robots have plenty of perks, but players can also play as a human instead. While they have fewer abilities than the robots, they can be upgraded using money gained in the game, even during play. This title takes baseball to a whole new level, giving players a fun break from the typical rules of the sport.

Tony La Russa Baseball

One of the best-selling baseball games of its time, Tony La Russa Baseball is also one of the most realistic baseball titles on the Genesis. In a particularly unusual move, the name on the box isn't just a marketing tactic. Tony La Russa actually took part in the game's development, providing AI support for the title, giving players a manager's perspective on the sport.

This game not only features interactive stats (pitcher stats for each player), but there is also an innovative fly ball indicator to ensure you don't miss a single ball. This title received one sequel for the Genesis with an updated roster and went on to become one of the best-selling baseball franchises of the era.

  • Updated September 18, 2020