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Sports games have been one of the most popular genres since the inception of video gaming. The rules of sports are easy to transfer to a game, making sports games a natural choice for developers. Players can also experience their favorite sports no matter the season or the weather, and with a great lineup of players. The SNES certainly had plenty of awesome sports titles, giving baseball fans especially some of the best sports games to date. Titles like Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, Super Baseball 2020, and Super Bases Loaded are still remembered fondly to this day.

Super Bases Loaded

One of the first baseball titles on the SNES, Super Bases Loaded offers players the most realistic action they could get at the beginning of the 16-bit era. This title provided plenty of upgrades compared to its 8-bit predecessors. Players could choose from thirteen teams, one of which being a custom team designed by the player, each having their own stats with strengths and weaknesses.

Once they move into the gameplay, players are able to work their way up through the league and come out as champions. This title was praised for its graphics and upgraded content, giving players the full baseball experience in 16-bit beauty. If you are a fan of baseball and retro games, Super Bases Loaded is definitely worth a playthrough.

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball

Touted as one of the best baseball titles ever made, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball is an excellent licensed baseball title that provides some of the best realism on the console. While featuring real MLB teams, the players' names have been changed, but this allows players to name their teammates whatever they want. The stadiums have also been painstakingly recreated in the game, each having their own quirks that translate into fun gameplay elements.

This title definitely deserves its praise, giving players a mountain of content filled to the brim with exciting gameplay and quirky players. This is a must-play for both retro gamers and sports fans.

Tecmo Super Baseball

Since the NES era, Tecmo has released some of the best sports games ever. Tecmo Super Baseball is no exception, giving players some exciting action and full control over their game. This title is the exact opposite of Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball in terms of licensing. Instead of licensed teams, Tecmo Super Baseball has licensed players from the 1993 MLB season, including all of their stats.

Players are able to experience baseball in three different ways in this game. When picking a game mode, players are able to play the game, coach their team, or just watch as two AI duke it out. Whatever way you choose to play, this title is fantastic and feels incredibly realistic. Tecmo Super Baseball is a must-play for the SNES and a great baseball sim.

MLBPA Baseball

Another awesome title with the MLBPA license, MLBPA Baseball gives players a casual baseball experience with every player from the 1993 season. Players can either choose between a single game or play through the full 1994 season schedule. This could be done with any of the MLB teams, which have been renamed as MLBPA Baseball did not have the licensing for the organizations.

One distinct and remarkable feature of this title is the ability to control pitches after they've been thrown. Players are able to control the ball through the air as it flies towards the batter. This feature, plus its other simple mechanics, makes this title perfect for the casual gamer, as it does not overload the player with too many options. 

Super Baseball 2020

Probably one of the strangest titles on this list, Super Baseball 2020 provides gamers of the 90's what baseball may have looked like in the distant year of 2020. While the basic rules of baseball exist at its core, many elements have been changed to create a fun and wacky experience for players.

There are two types of characters, humans and robots, each having their own abilities that set them apart. Robots are powerful machines that can lob the ball into the glass surrounding the stadium, and humans are classic players but can receive upgrades between games. The graphics are an impressive feature, providing colorful and unique designs that set this title apart from any other baseball title. Super Baseball 2020 is an exciting title and a must-play whether or not you are a baseball fan.

  • Updated September 18, 2020